LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

Thank you very much for these helpful information. You are different.

Thank you for the feedback of my interview it has helped me see how my personality is and what is good and bad about it so I can take into consideration and work on it. Regards Pedro

I found giving my feedback very helpful because it let me know what both my strengths and weaknesses are and how i can improve to be the best version of myself.

The insights where very interesting

Thanks for sharing the feedback. It is surely useful to become a better version of me and will follow the tips given.

It sound exactly like me and how I think at times

Great insights, than you

I honestly cannot believe how accurate the feedback was. I've done many personality tests and I have always felt the results were shallow and not always that true to me. I was not expecting the results from just a few questions to be so informative and the bonus of having actionable steps was a welcome surprise.

This really helped boost my confidence and motivate me, it has been a struggling year for everyone and hearing something that is positive really helps a lot thank you very much. :D

Was good to know all the info

It is good to get feed back on how others view my answers to the questions

Very usefully in the feed back thank you I’ll take on board some of the things you’ve mentioned.

Hi, It is useful to one, as the information given sums up some of the critical soft skills I want to tackle out. Having a manager who can allow growth and experiment will be a good chance to pick this soft skill make it worthy. Thank you.

I answered questions on what they were asking me and they gave me feedback on my answers which was amazing to read.

Thank you for your feedback, It has been useful . However I do disagree with one observation regard not giving my opinion or speaking my mind. It does depend upon the circumstances and whether it's a guest centric environment or not.

Yes this was helpful I love other people input I can work on this and improve my skills.

I am always thinking of others. ME time is important too to recharge batteries. Very interesting.

Well feedback was a positive one and I will work in the the tips shared as usually different opinions and correct guidennce makes an individual better.

This was really helpful and actually really spot on! So interesting to see that that was picked up from online questions and answers.

Made me realise my strengths

overall good feedback but insight 2 completely inaccurate.

It’s good to hear positive opinions about you from public and people you know.

I found this useful because I got to know how you think of me and I also got tips on how to act.

Very insightful and thank you.

Allowing me to know how to improve way to work in a team environment

Professional reviews provide accurate insight into personalities, and in this instance offer the opportunity to develop my strenghts and work on weaknesses.👍

Hi, this was extremely useful and very insigw. Thank you. The feedback is appreciated and I think it is accurate. Thank you for taking the time.

Tells me how I can improve and be my best self when going out to find work!

Thanks I feel that this explained me in better words than I could have described myself

I find it useful but I not agree with point number 3 it not reflects me at all

I found it really helpful in the fact i already know who i am but being told that by a third party is really validating and uplifting. Gives me a sence of pride.

This information is actually very useful and quite interesting

Amazing profile by judging on my answers, l would say the profile picture drawn is surprisingly very close to the person l am. l will definitely take on the response to improve to be more tactful before giving in . Thankyou

I found this useful because it gives me an insight into what a company knows about my personality and how I can improve myself for future opportunities

It's a nice to read a reflection of yourself on how someone may read you. However, not all is correct. Team player is a strength of mine not a weakness & i love socialising & being around others as stated in the online interview, wether it be with family, friends, or colleagues. So there were a few things that weren't correct using predictive text. However it was helpful in other areas. Thankyou

i found it very useful in the way someone else see my answers

Very useful, it did sound like me and thank you for the tips, good information and suggestions.

Thank you for your feedback and it is interesting to read the outcome and will take note of observations. A much more relaxed way of interviewing which I found less stressful and I had time to think about my answers without feeling rushed

It’s given me a good understanding of where I stand.

I am a person who likes to meet others, make friends. I am not a closed type of person but I have to neheen arrows in front of another. I don’t like arguing and I don’t like to argue with others, but when it comes to me, I defend myself and don’t let the other person make me feel bad! I like to help others, if I need help I will be happy to help!

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“We switched from video Ai to PredictiveHire because we care deeply about two things – inclusivity and diversity, and the experience of everyone who comes into contact with the Qantas brand. Our candidates are also our customers. We were also looking for a mobile enabled experience, given that’s the primary tool for communication today.

We have seen consistently extraordinary feedback from candidates and real diversity in hires.

What’s more, they’ve kept evolving their products for us so that now our entire volume recruitment process is digital, data driven and way more efficient.”

Michael EizenbergHead of Qantas Group Talent & People Analytics

  • 99%

    candidate satisfaction
  • < 1%

  • Zero bias detected in the predictive models

Iceland Foods

“In the first four months of 2020, we received over 500,000 applications. We were looking for automation that would deliver fairness and consistency and reduce that amount of time store managers on recruitment. Plus we wanted to significantly enhance our candidate experience.

In the first few weeks, we had 49,000 candidates through PredictiveHire with a 100% positive experience.

We are genuinely really chuffed about how candidates are engaging far more with us as a brand and how they are feeling like they are getting something back. They genuinely don’t feel like this is a computer process in any way whatsoever; they genuinely feel like they are talking to people.”

Jeff UdenHead of Talent and L & D for Iceland Group

  • > 25,000

    a week
  • 99%

    candidate satisfaction


“Automating candidate interviews is more than just efficiency – it needs to ensure every candidate feels heard, acknowledged and valued. That’s why we’ve partnered with PredictiveHire.

Our candidates trust interviews via chat, value that it’s blind to gender and race and love the personalised feedback they receive within minutes of completing their chat interview.

PredictiveHire have been a dream team to partner, the process has been easy, engaging and highly effective.”

Rhonda LloydDirector of People Solutions & Recruitment

  • 53%

    in recruitment costs from automation

Tennis Australia

“Our CEO and I had been looking for technology which can truly deliver blind screening for our own hiring as diversity is incredibly important to us as an organisation. We were early amongst the grand slams to introduce equal pay and we want to mirror that commitment to equality in our hiring process.

That’s why we are using PredictiveHire’s technology platform to support all recruitment for the AO this year.”

Anna LivingstonChief Diversity and People Officer

  • Using blind screening delivers inclusivity

Spark NZ

“We partnered with PredictiveHire so our hiring managers can really own the hiring decision – from outsourcing to insourcing. We wanted to get closer to our candidates and to enable our hiring managers to have access to a wider talent pool.

The efficiency and cost savings have obviously been significant. But what really matters is the improvement and diversity of hires – we are now seeing candidates recommended that we would never have considered before and our hiring managers are thrilled! ”

Paula HenriquesHead of Talent , Spark NZ

  • Time to hire

    arrow 33%

  • 90%

    candidate satisfaction


“We work with many different government agencies to support their graduate recruitment and this year for the first time, we embedded the PredictiveHire solution in that process. We did that to differentiate the graduate experience from the traditional assessments often used.

Graduates also value speed, efficiency and an assessment they can relate to. Plus they crave feedback and PredictiveHire is the only Ai tool in market that gives that feedback in a way which is hyper personalised and 100% relatable to the graduate.”

Simon MoylanEGM Asia-Pacific, Talent Management, Hudson

  • 100%

  • 99%

    candidate satisfaction

Berry Street

“The roles we hire for are incredibly challenging and before PredictiveHire, we used traditional pysch assessment to help usfind people who were the right fit. We switched to PredictiveHirebecause the traditional approach didn’t deliver the results wewere after. We needed a tool which automated screening butalso screened for the traits that really matter.

We have seen substantial time savings in the review and shortlisting of candidates against our unique requirements, andreduced our cost to hire through replacing a more expensiveassessment approach. The best bit is candidates love it, with a 90% satisfaction rate.”

Georgie DwyerExecutive Director - People & Culture, Berry Street

  • Time to hire

    arrow 33%

  • 90%

    candidate satisfaction

I’m interested to explore this.

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