Data, Equality and Inclusion

You can’t improve diversity without data.


We don’t believe it’s enough to challenge bias in your organisation, you need to hold yourself accountable – and that means it has to be measured. Intention around Diversity, Equity and Inclusion may be well and good, but until you have data around the bias that may exist across your business, your initiatives will fall short. 

Our customers take action and get results by using Ai to give every candidate a fair go with FirstInterview. The next step is looking beyond the first assessment to understand where bias exists down the funnel. Our reporting dashboard DiscoverInsights (Di) gives you the real-time metrics that matter, so you can challenge the status quo and effect real change.

“We can see real-time the data on how our candidate pool diversity is maintained throughout the process, so we can deliver on our commitment to give everyone the opportunity to work at one of Australia’s most loved brands.” – Qantas

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