LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

The personality results were received within a day of completing the online interview and have been really useful and beneficial to look upon and read about. I also love the fact that included within the email there is a reflection and action section, showing me what I can do to improve! The whole application and interview process has been great! :)

I have found it more useful to me

The way it got explained everything is quite nice

It's always great to learn about different aspect of bettering youself

Having my efforts unnoticed should not, in any way, discourage me and that I am on a positive track. Thank you!

It helps me to know my strength and weakness

It was extremely useful in knowing my positive and negative traits and the areas where i can improve. Thank you .

I found this useful because some of the personality traits that were mentioned i didn’t know of them too well but now I know I could use this for various opportunities available

made me realise a lot of my capabilities and not to undermine my worth

This was very interesting, this is me a tee. Pointed out my strengths and weaknesses. Made me proud of who I am and my work ethics.... thank you

Great to know how the answers to my questions have been perceived

I loving learning about myself and hearing the good and bad. So that I can strive to improve and work towards excellence.

I found very useful because now I'm of my strengths and weakness, what I need to work on as well as what I need to work less on thank you so much for your feedback it was very helpful

It was useful to see the style you have at work so that you are more aware of areas you could develop to make you better. Self development is always great.

I did find the useful because it makes me and I am sure other people that they won’t be judges

Feel like it explained me very well and also showed some areas I can improve

Because it gives me good information to improve my self for the future

Pretty spot on

It will help me explain my strengths in an interview I found it very helpful and interesting

It provided me with an unbiased and front insight of myself which I am truly grateful for and hope I can receive some more when I work as part of the team.

This was really useful it sounded a lot like me and gave me some thought

The insights were pretty much spot on. I do sometimes hold back on my point of view but not often. I live by the mantra “ does it need to be said, does it need to be said now & does it need to be said by me?”

Great feed back as it sounded very accurate thanks for the the tips too. Regards Phil Balaam

Was great for some constructive cricism to learn what areas I can grow in

This for me served as confirmation that impartiality and looking at any given situation from the opposite view remains the best way forward.

Thank you for the feedback. Gave me a better understanding in doing things too

I find the feedback very useful because it can help me work on my strengths & weaknesses & also grow as an individual at the same time.

This was so very accurate, i love being of assistance to people wherever i can. 👍

Wow thank you for that interview feedback , your useful tips, I will definitely practice and work towards to become the best news can and better my chances for job opportunities.

In the last I have gotten some negative after effect from actions I solely intended to be of help to people so I just learn that I should sparingly invest in peoples emotion to enable me keep up my energy and focus more. Thanks for this insight.

Its interesting to see the personality's test interpretation of what my work ethic and skills are individually and in a team dynamic. It gave me a clearer understanding of myself.

It was fascinating seeing my personality before me , learning and self-reflecting was educational and im grateful for the opportunity thank you.

It was very interesting feedback and mostly accurate

Thank you for your points. I shall take them into consideration and work on myself.

Very helpful made me realise I do need to make time for myself also

Great feedback, not a lot of surprises as I feel I am quite self aware. The Coaching tip really rang a bell. Thank you.

I appreciate all the positive insights you have found and reflected upon me. As for the coaching tips I will strongly take this advice in the future and definitely start adhering to it. This is useful to me because I appreciate bringing these posture changes accordingly into my life. Thank you.

Because it really makes me understand what I am now and how to reflect and make myself a better person

The information helped me a lot it explained more on my strengths that could be very useful for me.

I think you were right on the mark with nearly everything. I will try to take your advice and be open to listening uncritically to myself. The one area I wouldn't agree with "You may aspire for social status or material gain more than others. " This may have been one of my insights 10 years ago when I was climbing the ladder of a teaching career, however, I have now found the value in my family and family life as the driving force. Time, time and as much time with my family is the main motivator, to get 2 teenagers through senior schooling.

While the online interview was new to me, it gave me the opportunity think about me and my strengths and weknesses. The feedback was positive. Thanks

This was useful in a very small way but it didn't make it clear whether I was unsuccessful in my application for a role. Plea advise.

This helped me release some of my strengths and weakness, like how l keep quiet in group conversations.

Very interesting information was provided.

It help me to know my strength and my weakness, it also motivate me to be a better person and to want to explore the world even more because i know I am capable of doing that.

This can help me improve certain qualities and hopefully get me the jobs I want

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  • How do you really hire for values and culture, and is that the same thing?

Hiring with AI, fairer, faster and better

How do you really hire for values and culture, and is that the same thing?

BY Team PredictiveHire


When I was leading the People & Culture team at the REA Group, my new CEO was passionate about Values, and the central role they play in defining your culture. Following a successful change program to evolve new Values that mirrored the desired Culture, one that would set the business up for continued growth and as a talent magnet, she asked me how we were going to embed those Values through our people processes – who we hire, who we promote, who we reward etc.

It couldn’t be a screen saver pop up or posters on a wall. The values had to be really heard and felt. At the same time, we also had a business that was hiring in the hundreds each year so scaling culture means getting this right.

These are two distinct notions when it comes to hiring: hiring for values and for culture.

One should stay pretty fixed, and the other should be dynamic as your business context is always changing. If a company’s values are its bedrock, then a company’s culture is the shifting landscape on top of it. Hiring purely for culture is a recipe for self-reinforcing hiring, aka hiring that is biased. As we all know, innovation comes from diversity of background/thought/etc, so by hiring only for culture you can decrease, or even stifle innovation.

Celebrate that just as your product is always evolving, so will your culture. That means people who were great when you were a team of 50 may not be the right person for when you get to 500.

At PredictiveHire we work with our customers to ensure their values are embedded right from the first interview.

This takes many forms, including:

  • Use the language of our customers when we are configuring the interview questions. From ‘team’ to ‘crew’ or ‘family, we use your language to build rapport with candidates
  • Ask questions that specifically talk to your Values. For example, safety is paramount for our airline and FMCG customers. We ask questions to gauge awareness of safety risks, such as “Drawing on your own experience, how would you make sure everyone in our store – our customers and your team members – are safe?”
  • Learning from every person who joins or leaves the business. For everyone we work with, we know who sticks around in the role and who doesn’t. This will generally be either because they weren’t the right fit and they self-selected out, or the business made a decision to exit them for behavioural reasons. Taking that performance data and using it to refine the benchmark for future hiring means every candidate recommended after using PredictiveHire as your 1st interview is a better Values fit than the last one.

And that’s why machine learning is the holy grail of smarter hiring. No recruiter could ever get that feedback data at the scale and speed to improve their recruitment process. But using PredictiveHire we make a hard decision easier, meaning you can focus on hiring the right people to grow your business, at scale, without sacrificing the candidate experience. And if the VP for a global business focused on connecting people to opportunity can’t recognise bias, it’s a sure sign we need to pay more attention to who, and how, we hire.

“Talent is really distributed very evenly in the world, and opportunity is not.”

So, what do you think? Is your hiring values-driven, or based on the ever-intangible ‘culture-fit’? How do you scale hiring based on values? And how can we in HR, Talent Acquisition and Recruitment support hiring managers to grow innovative, diverse teams?

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