Your Data + Our Science = Exceptional HR results

The Technology

Your Data

All of our predictive models are built on data from your organisation and are centred on the business issues and corresponding key performance indicators (KPIs) you wish to address. Once you have identified the KPIs that matter most to your business, we gather relevant performance data and couple it with data collected via our Questionnaire Experience (QX) deployed to your existing workforce.

This ensures that later, when a candidate completes the QX, the resulting performance prediction is relevant to your business – not the world – and will enable greater organisational efficiency and better results over time.

Our Science

We use artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to build our models.

The AI consists of a neural network that is used to identify what drives performance in your organisation based on the data we collect from you.

We build our algorithms to achieve very accurate predictions from the start, and the model improves over time through machine learning.

Additionally, we use validated behavioural science when developing our algorithms. This ensures maximum predictive accuracy while prioritising the candidate experience.

Exceptional HR Results

Combining your data with our science leads to impressive results in key business areas. For instance, it:
  • Reduces staff turnover
  • Reduces exposure to ‘bad hires’
  • Reduces bias in the hiring process
  • Increases the speed of hiring
  • Improves new hire performance
  • Ensures an outstanding candidate experience

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The Process

  • Define Business Issues and KPIs
    We work with you to identify the business issues and related KPIs you want the model to address.
  • Build the AI Model
    We gather relevant KPI performance data and behavioural data and use it to generate your unique predictive model, powered by HRAI.
  • Candidate QX
    Potential new hires complete a short, engaging questionnaire as part of your existing recruitment process.
  • Predictive Score
    After a candidate has completed the survey, the model instantly generates a potential performance rating.
  • Model Accuracy Improves
    When new performance data becomes available, the model re-calibrates automatically and improves its predictive accuracy.

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