How one huge grocery retailer transformed hiring during a pandemic

  • 22%

    Growth in capacity in a month
  • > 50,000

    Applicants p/month
  • £5

    Cost per hire

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The Crisis Demanding Action

COVID-19 didn’t only cause a rush on buying groceries at Iceland’s stores. As unemployment rates exploded, so did application rates.

Jeff Uden and his team at Iceland needed to hire 5,500 new frontline employees. For that volume of roles, he expected 30,000-40,000 applications. By day three of the campaign, they’d already received 30,000 applications.

On top of the challenge of simply processing that many applications quickly and at a reasonable cost, Jeff was intent on reducing bias and delivering a great candidate experience. Automation was the only real solution.

The Solution

Jeff’s team piloted two screening tools. The preferred solution, PredictiveHire, delivers the FirstInterview experience through Ai chat. Every single candidate gets an interview and personalised feedback.

No biased information is used in the assessment process. Managers receive a list of shortlisted candidates which is stack-ranked in real-time, as soon as each applicant completes their chat interview.

PredictiveHire is integrated with Iceland’s ATS, Kallidus. Managers don’t need to leave the Kallidus dashboard they’re used to. They simply have an additional view where all the hard work of shortlisting candidates has been done for them.


What was driving the change at Iceland?

“The number of hours on average that our store managers spent as a complete estate was around about 35,000 hours. We wanted to reduce that to create time for them around engagement of staff, and supporting new people coming on board.”

Why did you trust Ai with your hiring?

Iceland case study.

Make this your business case for change.


How does automation support a ‘human’ experience?


“In the first 3 months of working with PredictiveHire, we were able to absolutely define £96,000  worth of cost savings …

What was your criteria for the solution?

De-risking large scale change – 5 lessons from Iceland

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