LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

I found this interesting and true for the most part,

This is all very positive feedback which is great but it would be good to see a bit more constructive stuff - hard to believe that there is nothing more negative that came through

Very interesting coaching tips. Made me feel good and positive about myself and what I can achieve. Thank you.

Its nice to get a reply to my application but better still to receive something constructive and encouraging Thank you


I honestly didn't expect to receive a response like this. It very insightful and appreciated. Thank

Thank you so muck for your answer and the tips you give me. There are very useful.

Good honest feedback 👍

It gave me an overview of what my strengths are and what I need to focus on to improve myself.

It describes the person I am inside and outside of my workplace and i love the fact that it was disclosed to me in such a way that it motivates me and encourages me to do my best.

Really strong results, I can relate to all of it.

As this is a whole new way of doing things it has really put me in unchartered waters, a new wobble zone. It is good to see ways to improve. We constantly have to keep evolving or get left behind.

yes, it reflects my personalities

I love how this evaluated my answers. It was great feedback :)

Thank you for your answer

I found it good because it helped me with how I can become a better person for myself and for others.

Because I can see things of my personality from an external perspective.Also I like the reflection about how to manage the change differently in order to make it easy for others.

This is great to tell about my personality. It is very useful guide and good assessment.

I found this helpful because it told me what my best are. I now know what littles things I could also improve on to do the best I can in a workplace.

I thought it was very informative and interesting

I really liked getting the feedback. This is because I get to know what I did well, and what I can do better.

It helps to build up and make people more confident about how to make best and convening way to address yourself with company and team members. Thank you for everything

I believe in the results as being quite true about me as I have seen some of the results over the years being in jobs off not that close to colleges and then in other jobs quite close to others. A lot off this is in your up bring from family and close friends.

By writing about the experiences i had at least you guys figured how i am.. And thats a clever act one could do as even i could do the same if i were at ur place..

I found this useful because it highlights my strengths and weaknesses. This motivated me to spent more time on myself. I am happy that I could learn more about myself.

I found it very interesting to see someone's perspective of me, I do aspire to be a leader so will definitely take it under advisement, thank you.

A really nice neutral way to interview

Excellent and accutate stayements about myself. I will use this moving forward.

Its described me almost perfectly, and I will use the feedback for future reference :) thank you

I can not believe you got that from 5 questions got me, that is exactly what I am like.

I found it useful as it helps with knowing how to approach good standards

Happy with results a good overview of my personality

This is exactly right about me, I will take on board the coaching tips, thank you.

yes excellent 😊😊😊

Yes very useful. It pointed out my strengths and weaknesses. Now I know where to improve on and to make my weakness victorious.

you know me better than I know myself 😁

Thank you for your feedback. The insights give me extra information about myself and will help with this information for me going forward in my work environments.

This has summed up my good and bad points, this is helpful to me so as I can improve on my not so good attributes. thank you

I genuinely would like to tell you how far away from who I am these "personality results" are. For your sake, not mine. Those results are laughably inaccurate. As an example, apart from TV, phone etc I own nothing of value, never have. But your results claim "visible possessions are likely important to you". They're not now, never were and never will be. And there are many, many other "results" that describe someone else. Hilarious.

Its always good to get feedback as this will help me improve my strength and weakness which will make me a better person in general.

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