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Podcasts about Artificial Intelligence to Natural Language Processing (NLP) to the impact these technologies and data science has on people and culture.

‎HBR IdeaCast: A New Way to Combat Bias at Work

‎HBR IdeaCast: A New Way to Combat Bias at Work

Presented by: Joan Williams

Why we love it

A brilliant captivating podcast on the types of biases that turn up at work and an exploration of bias interrupters. Bias and the D & I space is overflowing with content and so it’s inspiring when you come across a wholly original way of labelling it (Bropreating whypeating, and menteruption).

What’s less effective-single-bias training … referral hiring! This is because it risks ‘reproducing the demography of your current organisation’. What’s way more effective-correcting the bias in your business systems and the most contrarian view on the topic of performance reviews I’ve read for a while … Keep your performance reviews! Removing them creates a ‘petri dish for bias’.


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