LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

I've been going through a thought time by moving for university and being alone for the first time and your feedback it's so nice thank you

It’s inspired me and get more knowledge about the job. Thank you very much

while the feedback is quite good there are 2 misconceptions 1. In regard to not necessarily focusing on detail, this is incorrect as while I always look at the bigger picture, I am very focused on detail. 2. I haven't always been a good listener or tolerant of those who don't listen however over the last 5 years I have worked on this area of my character by being very involved in team work and stakeholder management

It’s always good to reflect on and review your abilities and understand your personality traits.

Most of it was accurate, however I embrace change not wane from it😊

This has helped establish more about my self and how honestly want this opportunity.

It was very interesting and a lot of the feeback was accurate so that is positive. I already shop at Iceland its good value with good products. But it is also hood to know they invest in such things for their employees

Thanks for your profiling, but I think it's dispprortionate for the position I am applying for although it made me aware of the value of team work and team building, for employers to rank this as an essential attribute for prospective employees.

Great tool! Answering the questions made me really think hard which I found great

I am always open to new ideas and your feedback is very welcome I am a kind and very loyal to people and consider others always

Getting a feedback of my personality will help me understand how are other people experiencing me from their perspective and get more insight of what is expected from me in terms of behaviour and attitude. and how can I better my input in team.

Thank you for the feed back. You actually nailed it except for one thing. I would never compromise my thoughts or beliefs to fit in with others.just to please them. I consider myself strong and opiniated but happy to listen to others point of view.

It is good to find ways to make life better for myself and others

I did find this helpful, thank you for the feedback so I understand myself more. The advantages of being sociable is that people will relate to you and understand you more and talk problems or solutions and also what you want to achieve with ideas. The disadvantage of being sociable is they may relax and go into comfort zone. Being positive usually rubs off onto other people and helps progress. Everyone in my team gets a voice to contribute as more ideas create more thinking. I have to admit I help others too much to achieve goals but that's my nature to succeed.

It's very valuable to have a non-biased view of myself from an outside source as it's a learning experience that lets me know how I can do better in the future,

Thanks. It is a learning and a opportunity to improve and develope skills im not aware about yet.

I could not believe how accurate it was and to hear the feedback knowing it was correct, gives me great confidence to work on this area.

I found this useful Because it’s always good to see what others think about you just in case your doing something that was mistaken by someone and you can clear it up plus this was fairly accurate

Thank you for your feedback. I will reflect on your answers and I value your time.

I found this information useful because I got to discover some things about myself which are both my weaknesses and strengths and that will help me in future.

This was useful for me to see what they think of me and how they would describe me as a team member

It helped me understand myself better.

Thank you so much ,I think there's aa

I am very impressed with your summary of my personality. It took some years to get to a point where I became matured in managing my time effectively. I had learn that accuracy is much more important than speed, but also how the two goes hand in hand once you've mastered both. Working for a company few years ago I had failed in getting my certificate. I then got the opportunity to redo it and then became the best student. At the night of the graduation I had not receive my certificate cause I thought I didn't make it. And the next day I was called in to say that I should have gone on stage too to get the certificate. I was a little disappointed but not entirely cause the fact that I completed the course was so much more Important to me than being seen, cause it gave me a satisfactory knowing I went back and tried again. I would work extra hard to please everyone to make a good impression so I can get a better post but at the end I didn't get a permanent job. The trainers had developed a great love and amusement for who I am, and my work ethic. They applaud all my hard work and had told me they will never get someone like me again and I left there thanking them for giving me the opportunity to work there. I had compromise alot in proving my working ability, however my internship ended and I had to go. People respect my standard of working and all the extra time I put in to complete a task. I am open to new ways of completing a task , I believe in critism because it creates a platform for me to grow and become better.

Thank you for your feedback. Having worked in an environment that demands immediate action for many years has meant that I haven’t ‘held up a mirror’ as much as I could. I understand how this could appear intimidating to others. I will take this onboard and thank you for your advice.

It is helpful but the coach tip about "break time" I would only get breaks when I go home or if it’s close to end of the job.

understanding the application is so very important and you've got me about right

I also found it very encouraging as I’ve been quite selective with job applications. Thank you

I did not find this useful as that some of the insights in the HEXACO Model are not correct, in fact, I am the exact opposite. If this is the reason that I didn't progress any further with my application, I am extremely disappointed, as this does not reflect my true personality.

Will use information to help build on what I have to offer

Extremely accurate analysis of me, which tells you I was honest with my answers

I enjoyed reading the feedback as it gives me more self knowledge specially coming from a different perspective without any sugar quoting.

It was useful for me because I know how to act around customers how to help them

It was useful because it was positive points, and That motivates me to become even better in the ereas you touched and also a room for learning even more.

I would like the opportunity to be put in a team and learn to pick my confidence up and learn more about the trade and work as a team environment. Be able to help my team and them to help me. I would like this opportunity very much

I’m very impressed of this. I would say that this profile matches me more than I thought it would. I will definitely reflect on your coaching tip.

This has told me a great deal about myself and how I deal with day to day life and I hope to improve on myself everyday.

I have to agree 😀

That was genuinely a nice and unexpected email. I appreciate the words. A very nice touch indeed. Kind regards, Timmy (Timo)

Searching for work can be a drain on self esteem and a bit depressing , I appreciated getting feedback that was very positive It gave me a boost So Thank you 😊

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‎HBR IdeaCast: A New Way to Combat Bias at Work

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