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Specialist Talent Acquisition Solutions

The team at PeopleScout are a leading provider of specialised talent acquisition solutions. Just like PredictiveHire, their passion is in pioneering new territories’ with game-changing technology and fresh solutions to today’s talent challenges.

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Streamlined recruitment software

Like PredictiveHire, the team at Lever like to make life easy for recruiters. Lever streamline the hiring experience, helping recruiters source, engage, and hire from a single platform.

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Talent acquisition and CRM suite

Our friends at eArcu are passionate about empowering recruiters to drive the hiring experience. They help recruiters engage and excite candidates from first touch, to first day.

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Learning and talent software

The legends at Kallidus support people development within organisations of all sizes, in all sectors. They’re really passionate about customer service, so much so they created a dedicated Customer Excellence Programme.

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Talent management software

Our colleagues at Cornerstone are wizards at volume recruitment. They help organisations streamline hiring, so they can find the best people.

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Talent management software

Our pals at PageUp have honed their platform to optimise each step of the talent management lifecycle from recruitment and onboarding, through learning, into performance and succession planning. They’re passionate about connecting people to great careers.

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Applicant tracking software

The folks at SnapHire help you streamline talent sourcing, acquisition and onboarding. They’re passionate about helping you reduce administrative effort, slash time to hire, reduce advertising costs, create robust recruitment processes and hire people directly from your own talent pool.

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Human experience management software

The good people at SuccessFactors have created a broad HR software system to help you deliver business strategy alignment, team execution, and maximum people performance. They’re passionate about helping you empower your workforce.

Learn more about SAP SuccessFactors’ integration >

Recruitment software

Our friends at TribePad have created video interviewing and job board solutions and an applicant tracking system. They’re passionate about reducing the costs of finding the best talent, while making it simpler for candidates.

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Human Capital Management

The folks at Workday create leading enterprise cloud applications for finance, HR, and planning. They’re passionate about innovating so you can meet the changing landscape and challenges of managing your workforce.

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