About us

PredictiveHire was founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2013.


We are data scientists, engineers, HR professionals, runners, yogis, programmers, product managers, campers , cooks, readers, rock climbers, gardeners, travellers, volunteers, parents and hard workers. We have a love of food and eating in common but apart from that,… we relish our differences.


We are big believers in empowering all parties – candidates, recruiters, people leaders to make the best, fairest decisions when it comes to choosing your team and organisation. We believe that using data, and ideally actual performance data, is the best way to deliver fairness and better decision-making.


In the months and years to come we will continue to invest in making those critical decisions faster, fairer and easier.

Buddhi Jayatilleke Mail

Buddhi Jayatilleke Principal Data Scientist

Mark Smith Mail

Mark Smith Chief Product Officer

Antonia Macrides Mail

Antonia Macrides Special Projects

Matthew Malter Cohen Mail

Matthew Malter Cohen Strategic Advisor

Tony Ward Mail

Tony Ward Strategic Advisor

Luci Parry Mail

Luci Parry Customer Success Manager

Laura Belfield Mail

Laura Belfield Customer Success & Product Manager

Michael Zhang Mail

Michael Zhang Data Scientist

Chenxu Zhao Mail

Chenxu Zhao Data Scientist

Madhura Jayaratne Mail

Madhura Jayaratne Data Scientist

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