Meet the team

As a team of frustrated recruiters (“there must be a better way”), HR visionaries, motivated developers and creative data scientists, we are on a mission to make shortlisting fair, to make recruiting efficient and to up on the ante on identifying greatness for your organisation. No people decisions should be based on gut feeling alone. We are leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to level the playing field for all and to reveal those high-potential performers who may have been overlooked in the past.

Buddhi Jayatilleke Mail

Buddhi Jayatilleke Principal Data Scientist

Matthew Malter Cohen Mail

Matthew Malter Cohen Strategic Advisor

Nivesh Ravindran Mail

Nivesh Ravindran Principal Engineer

Richard Duan Mail

Richard Duan Senior Software and Data Engineer

Luci Parry Mail

Luci Parry Customer Success Manager

Ben Liu Mail

Ben Liu Software Engineer

Johnny Yin Mail

Johnny Yin Data Scientist

Michael Zhang Mail

Michael Zhang Data Scientist

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