LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

making me aware of how to better myself in career and personal growth.

Hi thanks for your feedback I appreciate that alot, your insight has give me much to think on, to to re-evaluate certain situations.

I found this helpful for what I should look for in myself to improve and better my working experience

This was surprisingly accurate for the most part. The feedback was generated very quickly too, which is impressive. Thanks for the tips, will surely put them into practise.

This has helped me to see what attributes I do posses, and what I may need to improve or change to become a better, well rounded person.

Certain aspects of profile resonate very strongly with me.

You feedback allowed me to see my strengths and work on the areas where I have room to grow.

It shows a persons personality and ability which is a useful tool

I found it us useful to to explain in words why it it would be beneficial

Your predictive finding Is apparently right. Thank you.

Thank You for the results it is really useful to get analysed by experts for personality.

I found this very useful because it gives me a neutral outside perspective of myself and what i can do to improve myself!

This was very interesting. You were on pointe regarding my personality.

Thank you so much for the personality feedback. It helps me to understand my approach better and I am grateful for the coaching suggestion.

This really useful as I can show my friends and family.

Insights are reasonably accurate and informative. Tips are always beneficial and worth noting.

This application process has been great and has made bunnings my priority

Holistic approach towards evaluation of strength and few area of improvement highlighted in perfect manner. Thanks You..!!!

This has allowed me to know both strengths and weaknesses and how I can improve for the future to make my self a better person and better for the future

Found this very useful,describes me quite well thankyou

It kind of gives me a fresh lense where I realise another possible aspect about my character as per your coaching tip, regarding my personality results. Whether it is factual, well that requires more self introspection than usual.

As you have me guidance on how to become a better version of my self thank you.

This was very helpful and knowledgeable Thankyou

Yes it has made me more aware of some of my strengths but even more aware off the areas that I can improve on in all aspects both at work and at home thank you Bunnings

I was very happy with it and very thankful too

Will help me prepare for my interview

I appreciate the information however there are statements made that are incorrect such as saying I am closed minded nothing could be further from the truth I always listen to others and adopt their suggestions there are other statements not accurate but overall the assessment was on target

Hello I thought it gave me things I could sharpen up on and it’s also nice to get something like this back sometimes

It sounds amazingly like me!

It has further clarified for that there is always room for improvement, no matter who you are.

These sorts of insights are very self affirming and confidence boosting. Thank you!

It made me understand myself better while watching out for how to improve on myself.

I have found this useful because I have gave my strengths and weaknesses and about me I found this really useful.

This was useful as it included areas in which I can improve on which is beneficial for future experiences.

thank you for your response, that information is very useful for me because i learned many things and i it will always helpful for me in future

Yeah I found it interesting the answers I gave and you come up with this most of it is right but I also give myself down time


It was very useful cause u got everything in perfect

It showed me strengths and weaknesses about myself and things I knew but maybe didn't address but now I will, thanks again 👍

It was crazy accurate, like a fortune reading!

It useful and now you know all about meeting

This really is useful as it highlights my definite personality traits and willingness to be the best candi6for the job

Thank you for the feedback it was great hearing from people who I don’t know because you hear and read what people you know don’t always tell you

I find it useful but I not agree with point number 3 it not reflects me at all

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Whether on a train, driving or exercising - most of us will be consuming a podcast. These are some of our favourites.

‎HBR IdeaCast: A New Way to Combat Bias at Work

‎HBR IdeaCast: A New Way to Combat Bias at Work

Presented by: Joan Williams

Why we love it

A brilliant captivating podcast on the types of biases that turn up at work and an exploration of bias interrupters. Bias and the D & I space is overflowing with content and so it’s inspiring when you come across a wholly original way of labelling it (Bropreating whypeating, and menteruption).

What’s less effective-single-bias training … referral hiring! This is because it risks ‘reproducing the demography of your current organisation’. What’s way more effective-correcting the bias in your business systems and the most contrarian view on the topic of performance reviews I’ve read for a while … Keep your performance reviews! Removing them creates a ‘petri dish for bias’.


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