LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

It was nice to hear what you felt about me and my abilities for future reference

Tell or explain the WHY question. - They are useful and helpful to me of course. - Reason 1 - I shall have a great deal of task to work on from now. Hopefully, I could get a chance to do or make a change to be or become more and more open-minded and creative or adaptable. With an appropriate amount of curiosity which will be able to help me to do just that and achieve it sooner. Thank you. - Reason 2 - Be prepared to work along with the predefined or predetermined work process and/or requirements plus at the same times, get ready to adjust and deal with a new potential work rules changed (a self gearing to the point of adaptability). - Reason 3 - Work with a team and work within a team. Be a great team member who will make self contribution to the team's business plan plus coordinating with the overall team contribution. Shall we say that one for all and all for one would be the right culture at work wherever may be, thank you again. I hope that I have said it all right regarding why I would see the usefulness and helpfulness of the insights, coaching tip (reflection and action) I have received from the test results, thank you everybody and bye from Ka Por Chan.

Because it was able to help me understand more on what I can do better and what is positive about it

This was super helpful to see how other people perceive me . I will always try working on being more confident and stating my opinion more . Thankyou so much

It’s a nice insight into how I was perceived and quite accurate.

This definitely represents my values and contribution to life in general and definitely want to experience difference in other work Industries

It’s gives me more visibility of myself and I know what people think about my thought which I take it on good way so I can improve on myself

Great questions. A chance to provide real answers that relate to your experience

Interesting.... Partly right, partly inaccurate. Am I still in the running or not? It would be nice to have had the opportunity to explain what I can bring to the table. By no means conclusive.

It was interesting to read and I found I agreed with the results.

it good to hear positive comments about me and your views

I found that feedback very useful. I found it gave an accurate description of me overall. I feel that although I’m very open and receptive to change, I’m also good with a repetitive work environment.

I agree with your assumptions on the first 5 points , not so sure i understand on insight 6 social status or material gain

This is the first time I’ve got such insightful feedback after an application. I am extremely keen on employers who value their employees and treat them as human beings, this goes for potential candidates too. I appreciate the time spent in order to make us feel like individuals. So thank you.

This was what i needed to be told by my employers over the years and am very grateful for this enlightenment. Thank you for pointing out other directions i can use in my field of work. very appreciated. Regards Nick.

Because now I know what I need to do in case I am presented in a situation like that , before I didn’t know how to

it was nice to get feed back to the questions that was asked

Because it makes me love the company already. It is a beautiful gesture. Bravo!

Positive feedback is always good , and I understand that everyone's viewpoints are valid.

I found this a lot of help as it can aid and guide me to better myself

Thank you for your insight. I agree on some and have taken the other information on board and use it in my day to day interactions. Thanks again

Very helpful but I believe these tests will never beat meeting the person face to face to find out the real person and how friendly they are

The result gave me an insight into who I am and with the tips, I can be a better person. Thank you, so much.

Honestly I can improve my personality with those factors. With that fact, I can work more confidently with the team.

I have done a number of these personality tests, but I found this one in particular very helpful with me understanding my personality type. This will definitely help me moving forward in the work place. Thank you,

Yes I found this very useful. Was impressed with my Personality Results and will wear my thinking cap and will charge my energy which is very down due to pendamic. Was very upset not to get the job, had 10 years experience with my Morrison’s job old and new Morrison’s. my new manager never gave me induction and said u r experienced worker and got the job. Thank you.

This has helped me know myself better and shows me how to optimise myself for the job

This is great and sounds exactly like me.

Having been in the one career and not needing to engage with recruitment for just over 20 years. I was equally shocked and impressed by the capability of the platform used. Much of the insights were very accurate and the coaching tips doubled down on some areas I was aware of and even identified some areas that I've been looking to modify.

i found it useful because it was fairly accurate as well as gave me substance for a interview, whether that's preparing for one or participating in one.

This is a good brief outcones about my personality. I comes to know great things about myself. It helps to keep going positive and work out on my weakness. Thanks

I find it useful because it helps me to know more about myself, and it builds me as a person

The 1-5 is in the same order as everyone else I've spoken to in our team. If the message is meant to be "none of you are special", it's really hitting the nail on the head. However, we have a great team with a distinct range of personalities and preferences, so we were expecting a bit more in terms of insights and recommendations. Although my profile states otherwise, I can with 100% confidence say that with some exceptions, I'm generally not "outgoing and enjoy being with people" or "almost always positive and confident in social engagements".

Quite accurate. Now find me a suitable, high paying position.

I think it’ great to get feed back about yourself . It helps you grow and to see how you can improved your strengths and weaknesses

Very useful

No. 3 was not right at all (especially since I wrote rather literally that I am NOT outgoing), number 1 was partially correct - I like new ideas, but I don’t always like change. Number 2 was also partially correct - I am able to reprioritise quite well, but I never sacrifice attention to detail.

Was not expecting to be sent this. It was helpful because it gave me insight into what I can improve on!

Very interesting it’s the first time to come across something like this; I appreciate the coaching tip, thank you. 😊

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