LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

Nice to see a profit a of how I am...

I understand a little more how careful Bunnings is in selecting staff. It is obvious when in a store that there is a genuine level of customer care and now I realize a little more how this is achived.

It is going to help me boost my confidence up a lot more

It was useful because it was positive points, and That motivates me to become even better in the ereas you touched and also a room for learning even more.

I get to understand myself better

Yes it is useful ,for the culture of the organisation to know who are they dealing with Character and the Personality of their employees.

Some useful interpretations of my responses...give me some targets to personal developmental improvement.

Most of it was me but some wasn’t. I am very efficient and work quickly. I only carefully consider big life changing things like remarriage and moving house.

Very good to have good and bad traits documented for future reference . Thank you.

Thank you for your feedback, I found all the analysis very informative. From my experience in my previous employment as a staffing coordinator, I understand it takes many different personalities to form a strong team. As a person I love to learn more about myself and like to be put into a situation where I can grow and educate myself to become a stronger individual. I very much appreciate your feedback and this has been very helpful.

This has been very helpful and will allow me to work on my weak spots.

Because it sounds like me and how am I so it’s very spot on.

Very good feedback very accurate 👌🏾

Because of the coaching tips. And this is a pretty accurate insight to what I’m like.

The insights using technology picking up on keywords is quite fascinating

I think its always good to know how others see you we are not always perceived how we think we are ....

seems accurate and gives a good sense of what weaknesses I need to work on

Hi I found the profile most interesting and the coaching tip also although I do speak my mind, but maybe that is how I felt at the time today

i found this useful as its giving me the feedback on what someone else thinks on the way i work and it’s giving me tips on how to improve.

I don't think these insights are useful.

It is useful to me because it gave an overall view of how I may be perceived by others I am interacting with. The suggestion to take time out is valid.

I think its fantastic that you shared this information, even if I don't go forward in the interview process. Very helpful and interesting.

It is important to be reminded of your strengths and weaknesses.

I have found this useful because its thought that I have to focus on who am I before putting others first inoder for me to be able to help others I need to be strong on my side thank you.

I'm happy and positive and glad uses shared how I feel as a person. I keen to work hard and achieve my goals and prove what I can offer to qantas.

This was super helpful and helped me see my weaknesses and strengths from a different point of view and I shall be using this in the future.

I did find this really helpful... surprisingly quickly after submitting my resume and questionnaire. I would like to point out that I would be the first to mention something if deemed unjust or inappropriate. This can not be confused with lack of confidence to communicate with peers. Just that there is a time and place for that type of discussion. I will not display or convey anything inappropriately in front of a customer, supplier or company reps. As having managed a team I am very proud to be appreciated for my professionalism, approachability and discretion.

always enjoy feedback, good , bad or indifferent, always good to know how others perceive you.

It’s good to get feed back from an application

Reading the report was incredible it was 99.99% accurate as to who I am astonished. I will take onboard the advice of explaining a vision at work to other colleagues, as I see it to give people good reasons to a job and create enthusiasm so the job is fun to do then it doesn't become a task. I'm going to save the report and read it over again, Thank You.

I thought this was helpful to learn how people perceive me.However I thought insight 3 was wrong,I'm very sociable and approachable, I am easy to be friends with.

Hi My Name is Lewis, This has helped me realize theirs more in life to be free rather then hiding under a rock most your life expressing a good vibe of emotion and mood. Be happy more as life will not always go to plan. Don't be afraid, stand strong, and strive to conquer.

Bang on that was great feedback

i found this really helpful as it give me more of a background that i never knew i had

Shows me that I like working hard with team or by myself

I think they are all truth. All recommendation how to help myself are very true and will keep them in mind

Yes. Makes me know and understand my personality

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Algorithmic Fairness, Bias, Privacy, and Ethics in Machine Learning

Algorithmic Fairness, Bias, Privacy, and Ethics in Machine Learning

Why we love it

This conversation is part of the Artificial Intelligence podcast. It’s a very informative session about AI fairness with Prof Michael Kearns a co-author of the book Ethical Algorithm.

Michael Kearns is a professor at University of Pennsylvania and a co-author of the new book Ethical Algorithm that is the focus of much of our conversation, including algorithmic fairness, privacy, and ethics in general. But, that is just one of many fields that Michael is a world-class researcher in, some of which we touch on quickly including learning theory or theoretical foundations of machine learning, game theory, algorithmic trading, quantitative finance, computational social science, and more.

Why it’s a must

Buddhi is a regular consumer of Lex Fridmans podcasts – he attracts an extraordinary array of minds and perspectives from Daniel Kaheman, Melanie Mitchell, Paul Krugman, Elon Musk and he asks such thoughtful original questions of people interviewed many times over that every podcast feels illuminating for both sides.

Themes covered

  • Are most people good?
  • Ethical algorithms
  • Algorithmic fairness of groups vs individuals
  • Algorithm that determines what is fair
  • Algorithmic privacy
  • Privacy of data in society
  • Machine learning and game theory




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