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Algorithmic Fairness, Bias, Privacy, and Ethics in Machine Learning

Algorithmic Fairness, Bias, Privacy, and Ethics in Machine Learning

Why we love it

This conversation is part of the Artificial Intelligence podcast. It’s a very informative session about AI fairness with Prof Michael Kearns a co-author of the book Ethical Algorithm.

Michael Kearns is a professor at University of Pennsylvania and a co-author of the new book Ethical Algorithm that is the focus of much of our conversation, including algorithmic fairness, privacy, and ethics in general. But, that is just one of many fields that Michael is a world-class researcher in, some of which we touch on quickly including learning theory or theoretical foundations of machine learning, game theory, algorithmic trading, quantitative finance, computational social science, and more.

Why it’s a must

Buddhi is a regular consumer of Lex Fridmans podcasts – he attracts an extraordinary array of minds and perspectives from Daniel Kaheman, Melanie Mitchell, Paul Krugman, Elon Musk and he asks such thoughtful original questions of people interviewed many times over that every podcast feels illuminating for both sides.

Themes covered

  • Are most people good?
  • Ethical algorithms
  • Algorithmic fairness of groups vs individuals
  • Algorithm that determines what is fair
  • Algorithmic privacy
  • Privacy of data in society
  • Machine learning and game theory




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