LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

This feedback is most helpful in understanding how other people see me as a person, from a independent standpoint

I found it incredibly helpful that you would give me such nice feedback. Thank you ever so much.

Some insight into yourself is always a good thing . Thank you. Does this mean I wasn't successful.

i cannot remember ever having feedback such as this . fantastic I already hold a trade card at bunnings ... i always shop there

There’s always room for improvement, and it’s good to hear someone else telling u what’s good and what could help being even more better at doing things.

Thankyou for getting back to me, your feedback from the questions are a true inside to ME, you are correct about a lot of things and I do wear my heart on my shelve at times and I do worry to many times. But thank you for letting me know it was very helpful

Feedback whether positive or negative always comes in handy and teaches us and helps to strengthen the gaps or to build a better product/service . Thank you 😊

I found this personality result useful as now I know what skills I have to work on in terms of working with the workplace with everyone. It gave me an insight of what is expected at Bunnings and it let me know how I should reach these expectations

Hi thanks for this,this me to motivate and know myself better.

Its always good to get feedback from someone you don't know. It can help when you are making choices on how you deal with things in life or work. Thanks for the feedback and the tips. Kind Regards Martin Hickey

It's nice to see what strangers or other people think about me from just answering questions online and not meeting me face to face Thankyou

This was really nice to see :)

I found this very useful because the information that was given to me seemed spot on which means that I have something to work on.

I found this really useful because the skills I have gained and the questions from the interview gave me an understanding of what I can expect which is good so I can be ready! Fingers crossed I get the job

Thank you I will take this on in a positive manner and learn from you fern back .

It has helped me see what I need to improve on

Thank you for my personality test results, reflections and actions. They were very interesting and informative. I found this assessment useful because it shows character traits that I’m not always cognisant of and has helped me think about better ways of approaching people and jobs.

Hi I have read your insights but I have to say you have got a couple of the insights wrong. Insight 2. I am able to see the bigger picture but I am a person that works that small details. Insight 6. I may be clear in my drivers but I am very aware of other people’s feelings and the importance of an inclusive approach to team tasks. I do not aspire for social status or to have an abundance of material wealth. I have not heard from the Bunnings recruiting team, I hope these mistakes in the your interpretation of my personal profile have not compromised my chances of employment at Bunnings. Regards Trevor Small

I think that this was about 98% right, whenever I work somewhere I know that I give 100% and try to improve wherever and whenever I can.

Thank You for your feedback. I will improve all the things mentioned on my feedback.

It’s good to get an insight of how someone who only knows about me from the questions asked and my feed back thank you

Very complimentary feedback thankyou but enjoyed reading through the coaching tips...very helpful..I always try to keep my 'L Plates' on

I found the process very interesting, particularly the range of questions asked. After seeing my personality results I can certainly relate my actual personality.

This is amazing. In all my work life I have never come across something like this.

Why’s good to know some feedback on how I can improve in certain areas of my life. It gives me something to work on.

I found it useful because yous are giving me the best advice that i could get thanks

When we give an idea in an environment where many are on upper level than you whereby your suggestion is going to negelct by many, however last time at the time of internship induction program I gave suggestion to my HR mam in front all employees and interns they appreciate me but they explain me well , what can be done better . But it's great to have your points in meetings or programs.

Very good thank you

I found this useful because it make me feel better about myself and makes me want to push more into a career

As I answered the questions honestly I'm relieved to read that the program's overview of my personally is pretty much spot on. It's interesting to see that it extrapolated that I'm social but enjoy my own down time and that I like to stand up for what I believe in. When it comes down to a program deciding the essence of my character at least with your system I'm comforted that it is a fair representation of me.

Thank you so much I take this information so useful and iwill definitely use it for future..

This showed insight on how i can be a better worker

I found this useful, as it it has made me more confident and stand for what's not gonna compromise me and my team.

I found this very useful as I can now reflex on this and hopefully have a better outcome when it comes to preparing myself for a new job

It feels like I talked to someone who knows me really

These were very useful to me gave me a bit of confidence

Very good constructive feedback, personalised to me. The coaching tips were great and gave me exact areas to improve on with tips to assist with my progress towards them.

I found this very useful as it has helped me understand where I need to improve my personality in the future to be part of a team that works well and respects me.

It helps me to know more about my personality

I felt as if I was reading a biography on myself, gosh thanks so much for this, a company that takes great measures getting to know an individual to see if they fit their company. From this I can state that you take excellent care of your employees, thank you so much for these Insights. Much appreciated.

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