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well i think it's quite good, but i think that i should mention that when i answered these questions i considered myself in a team member position not a team leader position, i'm still happy overall with your results, and it shows me that i'm the kind of person that bunning's is looking for to employ my talents and skills and to apply them in their workplace environment.

After reviewing the insights and coaching tips provided by predictive hire I found the information very helpful. I will use the insights into my personality to help describe myself in my upcoming interviews. Going forward I will make sure to take into account the coaching I received and utilise it to improve and adapt my capabilities. Kind regards, Andrew

I love explaining myself in different situations. Helping others too

Thank you, I can use this information to take my application for an On line Picker forward.

I felt how valuable I am to every organisation I work for and where to improve.

Wow!! I can say that insight was probably 95%+ correct. I find it good that potential employers are using this type of thing to ensure that they have the correct type of workforce. If my results are anything to go by then as long as the respondents are being honest the results are spot on.. Keep up the good work.

thank you for the tips, will be taking that on board and apply myself to them.

It was very interesting feedback and mostly accurate

This was very useful it helped show me in a light I don’t often see myself in and helped to extraordinarily boost my self confidence!

Yes I did find this useful. It made me think to maybe do things differently and think outside the box.

This helps put my work ethics into words when i found it difficult to do so :)

It helped me know what I need to improve on

Thank you for the tips its really helpful. But however the insight are exactly who I am as you described it

I read this out to my friend as we were talking on the phone when the email popped in. This is pretty spot on! Things that were pointed out like "hold a mirror up" and "this can create a perception that you lack confidence" are things I have been actively working on as part of my personal self-development. The coaching tip/reflection is also something I have been actively watching. It is not always appropriate to be in the leader's chair so it is interesting that this popped out as a point to watch. I've been very mindful about NOT being in the leader's chair of late. I liked the action points! They are right on target. What would be really useful would be a print button. I am going to print this out and put it where I can keep it top of mind. Thanks, this was useful and fun.

It shows me what to expect in an interview and i must get prepared for my interview.

Very helpful thanks. And very spot on. So true it fascinates me how you came up with the answers from a few questions

Yes this memo described well I'm still very motivated

I found it interesting and in some areas accurate I will reflect on workplace situations to gauge if this can be helpful in future similar situations

Oh wow results are generated so fast. I loved it.

Helps me prepare

Not so much useful but impressed with your system. Your insights about me and my personality were very accurate. Well done

This feedback gave me things to work on and be more aware of my audience. I’ll take all these reflection notes on as a guide. Thank you

It’s helpful to put into practice and help me better to grow in confidence

It was good to see what others may think about me and areas where I could work on.

This willl allow me to improve myself

I think a lot was useful, I would disagree regarding my ability to take feedback but there's only so much info you can gather from 7 questions

Positive and constructive,

Thank you for the feedback. I have never received this level of feedback when seeking employment and have found it insightful and useful.

This was very handy because it is the true reflection on myself. You couldn't have described me better.

This was great, it rang Truth with me, I hope to work for you guys.

This is amazing sounds exactly like me. Really appreciate the feedback ans learnt more about myself. Thanks you

Great questions. A chance to provide real answers that relate to your experience

That really is incredible how accurate the feedback is. Thank you

I do not agree with some of your conclusions but I appreciate the insight and will consider it. It is interesting to see how I have come across. Thank you

Accurate and very insightful. A great help.

Thanks, great to get some feedback and reflection on tasks

This is really insightful of my personality traits and coaching tips on how can I improve myself to be better.

Wow it’s really like you know me so well through a few questions

I appreciate all the positive insights you have found and reflected upon me. As for the coaching tips I will strongly take this advice in the future and definitely start adhering to it. This is useful to me because I appreciate bringing these posture changes accordingly into my life. Thank you.

It gave me a chance to reflect

This is useful to me because it describes me as a person quite well

I found this feedback really useful and I genuinely enjoyed reading the feedback. It was great to read about what I could do better to improve in some areas and I really enjoyed the very constructive criticism. I feel that the feedback gave me some things to think about how I could approach certain situations differently in the future.

Not everyone gives useful feedback :)

It was a great insight into my attributes and the skills I have and must acquire to ensure further effectiveness in my future employment.

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