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Avoiding Loserthink with Scott Adams

Avoiding Loserthink with Scott Adams

Presenters: Scott Adams

Why we love it

Dilbert creator and author Scott Adams shares cognitive tools and tricks we can use to think better, expand our perspective, and avoid slumping into “loserthink.”

Why we recommend it

There is a story of “bias” in how he got into creating Dilbert. He was told by two employers that “we can’t promote you because you are white, because we have been promoting too many of them, so now we have to fix it”. Essentially Dilbert is a result of him leaving his day job because his employers were trying to fix the bias in their promotion process!

Here are a few highlights from the conversation:

  • People who are writing non-fiction believe they’re telling you what is objectively true in the world, but we don’t have that capability. We all have this illusion that the version of the world we’re seeing is the one, and that if anybody’s got a different version, they must be wrong. It’s sort of the most common illusion that we all have.
  • When I say somebody is using loserthink, I don’t mean that they’re a loser. It’s not about the person. It is about the experience which the person has been subjected to. People tend to come at topics with just the filter that they just happen to have because of the life that they led. What I recommend is that you expose yourself at least to the general ideas of how other people think.



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