LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

This was exactly what i needed to hear. I am sometimes too tough to myself and we have to first love ourself before loving others and that was what i was struggling with sometimes. Thank you!

It is extremely useful because it gives me area in which to improve and better my overall work effectiveness

not many company give you feedback and it a good way of knowing what i need do best

How on God’s earth did you extrapolate those conclusions from the answers I gave? This reads like the kind of cold reading that underpins astrology. I presume a human didn’t read my answers, and that they were scanned for certain key words or whatever and then an algorithm picked the analysis. This process speaks to me of a crushingly dystopian nightmare future, in which we tremble at the mercy of an inscrutable AI managed world, barely interacting with other human beings outside of our family and close friends. I feel dehumanised by this process.

due to only working for 1 company for 25yrs I only see things the same way this is why I left after so many years I feel like I have come compliancy I wanted to leave a while ago but never have,I always wanted to work at bunnings but never felt it was the right time for me to do so

Hits pretty close to home. Very insightful and true. I do understand the need to be kind to myself as much as I am to others.

Thank you I found it very useful because reading through it just makes me understand how important working with a job is and you have done that for me .

I found this very useful as it showed me what my weaknesses are and how I could possibly work on improving on them and growing more as a person

That was really interesting. It sounds quite spot on really.

I found this feedback extremely useful in further developing and growing as and individual. This was clear in prompting me on what I could improve on aswell as my core strengths.

Thanks for the feedback is was very good

Great - I’ve done other applications resulting in an insight to your personality. Identified a “shadow side” a little “impatient”, which is not necessarily a bad trait. As sometimes in my workplace “time restraints” are important especially if not managed, a cost to the business.

Thanks very much for your feedback on my personality results. It has given me confidence & an understanding that I should take time for myself as well. I love helping people & I like to make sure I have a friendly & sensible out look on most situations.

I found the information an accurate description of my personal traits and will be able to draw upon it for future inspiration.

It was helpful in telling me some areas in which I need to improve

This is a wonderful service great service provided by Iceland.

Was a good opportunity to think about how one works, responds in the workplace to situations and assess how you do things. Was interesting to have the chance to reflect as often so busy, work can become somewhat routine. The assessment was interesting too.

The personality test was very much just like me, I was surprised of its accuracy. The advice was very welcome to be more assertive. Thank you very much for your help in this matter, From Jannette Townson

Wow I found this very interesting let’s me look at the things I need to improve about my self

It gave me a more deeper understanding of what my characteristics are. It was a great tool to use

I felt that these insights were pretty much spot on and was a great summary of my personality. I love the fact that i can now go back to this for a reminder off positives about me aswell as things i can take on board and work on!

This was a very accurate description of myself and like how it was written.

This information provided for me is very useful for me to grew up myself in my career

I found it pretty useful because most of it describes me a lot

Yes it was very useful and understanding and gave me an insight in to what you do to help your staff

It teaches you about why should you help other people and value them as you do to yourself

I got to know some really interesting facts about me. Thank you

I found it useful to identify my strengths I didn’t even realise I had and my weaknesses I can work on to improve on.

This is useful because you can if your principe are the same than mine and learn about it. Thank you for the feedback

Useful in some ways but not in others.the useful part is that I do put others before myself and might miss some little things.i am a follower and not a leader in some respects.looking at coaching tips I am a very opinionated person who likes to discuss problems and help in anyway I can to resolve them.I tend to say what I think.I dont sit quiet in a room full of people.

I thought for the most part the insights are fairly accurate. I am all those things, but also very bubbly & outgoing, and very approachable, which has always been great in customer facing roles. It's interesting as most people I found in similar positions are the life of the party and get energised by large groups, where as as the insight says I need time out to recharge and that's spot on. The reflection point was great, there have been a few occasions in my last role particularly where I have walked out of a meeting with some strong personalities, in more senior roles and thought next time I find myself in that scenario, I will be prepared to back myself and take control of the situation, in a polite and articulate manner of course.

Thank you I did find this useful as it made me realise how important what you say is, to how your perceived.I am actually very open to learning new things and that is part of the reason I wanted to have a career change and although I enjoy being part of a small team at the moment, I miss working as part of a larger more varied team as I did for many years in public libraries.

Thank you I found the information cause for reflection, and helpful

It’s interesting to see how others see me

Very useful points made made me feel positive

I honestly didn't expect to receive a response like this. It very insightful and appreciated. Thank

I found your assessment very interesting and I believe close to the mark other than insight 6. I don't believe my old work mates would say I'm as humble or unassuming as you seem to imply. Thank you for the feed back, and as I tell my children if you get the right job, it's not a job because you enjoy doing the work.

This has helped me as there are certain things I can improve on.

I found this feedback very useful because it opened my eyes how other people think of me and I will take on the tips to become a better self of me

Through feedback from others I can see how I can improve and where I and doing well.

I found this useful because it helped me understand more about my strengths and it was very helpful

This was really insightful and helpful information. Thanks!

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Avoiding Loserthink with Scott Adams

Avoiding Loserthink with Scott Adams

Presenters: Scott Adams

Why we love it

Dilbert creator and author Scott Adams shares cognitive tools and tricks we can use to think better, expand our perspective, and avoid slumping into “loserthink.”

Why we recommend it

There is a story of “bias” in how he got into creating Dilbert. He was told by two employers that “we can’t promote you because you are white, because we have been promoting too many of them, so now we have to fix it”. Essentially Dilbert is a result of him leaving his day job because his employers were trying to fix the bias in their promotion process!

Here are a few highlights from the conversation:

  • People who are writing non-fiction believe they’re telling you what is objectively true in the world, but we don’t have that capability. We all have this illusion that the version of the world we’re seeing is the one, and that if anybody’s got a different version, they must be wrong. It’s sort of the most common illusion that we all have.
  • When I say somebody is using loserthink, I don’t mean that they’re a loser. It’s not about the person. It is about the experience which the person has been subjected to. People tend to come at topics with just the filter that they just happen to have because of the life that they led. What I recommend is that you expose yourself at least to the general ideas of how other people think.



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