LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

It is helpful - these days I tend to be more outspoken

Very insightful and true

Great feedback, really explained how i am and can be better.

The insights were amazingly spot on. The insight on focusing on the big picture and overlooking details has made me reflect and realize that the captain of a big ship sailing in the Ocean should be aware of all that’s happening on board the vessel as well as the buck stops at him. Each part no matter how small a role it plays is important for realization of the desired outcome and should therefore be monitored closely.

Hi, I found your profile very accurate and I appreciate your coaching tips. I will bear them in mind in future.

Listening and keeping in mind that there’s some that I can talk to and learning for my own good .we need to keep on learning

I found the information very Informative it will definitely help me I workplace.

Good feedback thanks. Some is good I do like people I’m a people person. I’m not unhappy trying new things though. Thanks overall.

That was really amazing thankyou for telling me that it was really helpful

It made me look from another perspective. I look forward to meeting you. Thanks.

Good feed back I can relate to some of it, a couple of things aren't quite accurate but in the whole not back. Thanks for the coaching tip too.

it good to hear positive comments about me and your views

Its was flattering to read. Rather like a horoscope.

Thank you for the feedback. I found this to be informative and insightful.

This questionnaire is very important to understand some day to day life matters and where you are in a such situation. Everybody need each other’s help to carry out their work and achieve goals. So, this questionnaire eventually helped me to understand who I am I, and where I am at now, what should I do in the future.

I found this useful as it has help me I’d study my strengths and weaknesses and has allowed me to be more confident in myself; I appreciate this.

I appreciate the feedback, mostly true however i also see myself as a team player who also is open to oher ideas, as i appreciate team effort who ever leads

It's interesting to have an outsiders view of me.

Hi all 3 recomendations are valuable advice,Thank you.

This indeed is me...I am a buuble of energy trying to expose goodness to the world at large...When I see a good oppornity and crowd of work folk such as this I hang on to it ...and love to share my ideas and commitment the plan

This is a very useful tool and very helpful and interesting to read. I think it is a very good idea.

Yes I did

Your information about my personality is very important for my career development. Thank you very much.

It's helped me with amazing advise and reassured me of my skills and weaknesses

Highlighting where I can improve was useful

it was very useful just because I was perfectly desrcibed as a I feel I am but perhaps I could not have done

Agree with the profile and more so with the reflection. Thank you

Learning at this very moment about how many strengths I actually have make me wanna do everything I dreamt about and I now feel more confident than ever this information has put an smile on my face I know that I can do anything i put my mind to.

Because it made me realise my strengths and how to change and imrpove my standards so when i go for an interview i am accpwted

Ive never thought to think of it like that before. Thinking about it most of it was very accurate and seeing of that down on the page has reminded me that i need to try and take more risks and be more confident in day to day life.

I am feeling proud that I might have a chance to connect with the ICELAND team. The company name itself shows cool and polite attitude like an ice. I shopped so many products from iceland and your staff service was awesome thatswhy I would love to work in your family.

Thank you for your results. I appreciate feedback from a different point of view.

It is always useful to hear/read an assessment of yourself provided by others. They often see strengths and faults that you are unaware of. So yes, thank you for your insights.

Wasn’t expecting this follow up. Was great. Always like to learn.

seeing the view of how i am in strength sometimes i put myself down but cover it with a different outcome

It is helpful to know that the workplace also cares about their staff’s health and wellbeing.

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Biased Algorithms Are Easier to Fix Than Biased People


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