LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

Sounds very much like me. It's good to see my strengths and weaknesses conveyed in such a concise way. Useful.

I found this very interesting to see how I appear to other people and appreciate the honest feedback. I have applied for 2 other positions at Bunnings is my previous interview taken into account or do I need to interview with predictive every time I apply?

It wasn’t all positive, which is really good, I appreciate constructive criticism

very good

I'm Already practising taking time out to myself, and thank you for the suggestions.

The results of this test are very accurate. It was good to gain some experience when looking for a job

It showed me the view other people have on me. It also helped me to realise what I need to change and how I can make myself a better person.

It shows me what to expect in an interview and i must get prepared for my interview.

I found this useful because I know if I had to improve something about myself

Thank you! I guess you have described me rather accurately. I am always open to.learning especially with the view to making me more informed of my capabilities or areas for improvement. I will try to be more flexible with my approach to my working life.

I am interested in what other people think of me. However, I am very disappointed at not going forward with my application to join Iceland even though it was a part time opportunity. Maybe they will think again about me I do hope so.

I found this very useful as it my personality as in helping others.

Thank you for the feedback, being my first job application it has been most helpful to understand the process of applying for a job.

I feel as I have been heard and I highly appreciate the feedback as I believe in having a growth mindset

I found this useful because it made me truely think about myself. It made me realise certain things

I found it very forthcoming and useful for future references, it also maybe helped me understand myself a little bit better and how i can better myself in and out of the work place.

I felt that this information was useful because it reflects on the positive parts of your personality but also gives advise where it may be needed. Constructive criticism where necessary can be helpful.

It is interesting to see your view on me as it helps me see what I need to improve on and what I am good at. Thankyou !

Very positive response. Thank you.

Very useful

So simple and easy

It was easy to understand and clear

I found this useful because it helped me recognise ways that I can improve my process.

It was really nice to hear good things about me

This helped me get a better insight of how my personality is portrayed to others

This was very interesting and really more or less confirmed my impression of myself

brilliant introduction and informative on how the business works, lovely set out!

I enjoyed feedback, the tips will help me going forward.

Except for being reluctant to attend social outings . The assessment was pretty spot on. Thanks for the insight

It was very insightful and it was like reading about myself .

Your feedback is very fair and accurate. The job position is Team Member so I would be following set protocol and safety standards being paramount to the position.

It is nice to see how this worked & gives me a good insight into how I come across in a virtual assessment, thank you

I loved the responses, I think it is great to give relevant feedback on each of the questions asked.

I found this information useful because it's gave me an insight into other people's opinion of me .

Thank you very much for these helpful information. You are different.

It was incredibly useful because It makes me see what others see and allows me to improve on faults.

Interesting to see the other perspective and learn how I could be seen by others . Giving Very positive feedback

This is amazingly accurate. Thank you!

Had a more understanding about iceland as a whole, and how they are a big family

Feedback was personal to me and I felt as though the coaching tip hit the nail on the head with what I need to improve on

It was interesting to read the information gathered from my responses. I found this to be positive,

Receive that feedback was unexpected but appreciated. It got me thinking about the reasons behind what I do and the coaching tips were useful because no matter how well you’re doing m, you can still be taught and do better. Thank you!

It helps me know more about me

Really enjoyed my expirience applying for Iceland specifically the insights were all accurate and constructive that will help me to my improvements

This was interesting as not very often you find yourself looking at how you progress in work or life but when it's broke down it does make you look back and think

What inspires us

Academic Research

Our data science team is always learning and experimenting which means they are closely connected to other research in this area around the world.

Bidirectional LSTM-CRF models for sequence tagging

Bidirectional LSTM-CRF models for sequence tagging

Why we love it

I enjoy this paper since it introduces a new method for entity extraction, called BI-LSTM-CRF. The method proposed by this paper is more accurate than previous methods in various wide-applicable tasks in NLP. This paper inspires us to explore the possibility of applying deep learning methods in our work.

What I learnt from it

I learnt that (1) BI-LSTM-CRF out-performs previous models such as CRF or pure LSTM in POS tagging, chunking, and NER tasks. (2) The stacked structure in BI-LSTM-CRF allows it to factor in both word-level features via an LSTM layer and sentence-level feature via the CRF layer, so that it can make use of syntactic and contextual information in the language efficiently.

Why it’s a must

Published in 2015, this paper is one of the first work showing that LSTM based method can be applied to NLP tasks. According to Google Scholar, this paper has more than 1000 citations.

Who should pay attention?

NLP researchers, Machine Learning Engineers


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