What inspires us

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Whether on a train, driving or exercising - most of us will be consuming a podcast. These are some of our favourites.

Casa de Cambio

Casa de Cambio

Presenter: Natasha Redman

Why we love it

Natasha Redman is joined by a diverse cross-section of subject matter experts from change managers, authors and C-suite exploring the world of change management, tech, innovation, transformation, strategy and corporate life.

What I learnt from it

Not all change is equal, but challengers of change are universal. When embarking on any cultural change or technology implementation, effective change management is critical to ensure not only acceptance of the new world order, but rigorous and enthusiastic adoption!

Why it’s a must

For anyone interested in answering the question “what’s the value of change management?”, it is a great starting point. Natasha explores different aspects and challengers or organisational change, with leading experts providing insight on their success (and failures) through transformation.

Who should pay attention?

Business leaders, HR, Transformation, Change Managers, Recruiters.


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