LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

This was fantastic, never received something like this before

I found this really useful as i always appreciate feedback and i am always eager to see how i can improvements.

I found this very interesting and certainly made me realise that answering as honestly as possible gives the best result, I think my profile was really like how I consider myself to be.

I found this extremely useful as not every company gives feedback on the results and it gives you insight on how u behave which some people might not see or notice in themselves. It also tell you how to improve and exactly what to work on. Very helpful

I felt that these insights were pretty much spot on and was a great summary of my personality. I love the fact that i can now go back to this for a reminder off positives about me aswell as things i can take on board and work on!

A lot of your predictions do sound like my nature. I’m impressed

I can grow more into more qualities

Because it helps me for future job interview if I am not successful, which I hope I am

Thank you for what I agree is a remarkably accurate explanation of who I am. Allan Russell

No. 3 was not right at all (especially since I wrote rather literally that I am NOT outgoing), number 1 was partially correct - I like new ideas, but I don’t always like change. Number 2 was also partially correct - I am able to reprioritise quite well, but I never sacrifice attention to detail.

It was very interesting to read as it was spot on just by asking a few questions. It's useful for reflection and help build up the areas I need to be more assertive in.

I found this useful so that the employer has an understanding on who I am before I go in for an interview

I found this useful, because it gave me constructive feedback to which areas i can improve on and which areas i excel at.

It gave me a good insight to what someone else thinks of me. It will give me now a good indication on what I have to focus on and improve on now for the future. Thank you for the insight and information.

I believe your comments reconfirmed me and my working life even though it as been some time since my last employment and for me to be given the opportunity to work within your industry

its a pretty accurate result I think it highlights things you are best at and your personality traits you forget about. thank you

Thank you for this feed back , I have found the feedback really helpfully and will definitely take these points into consideration and will apply them into my routine. Thanks x

I found this very useful as it has helped me understand where I need to improve my personality in the future to be part of a team that works well and respects me.

This made me more confident in my strengths and weaknesses

Some points were right about me 100% but lot of other perspectives weren't. I'm seeking to grow my practical skills and life in general through Leading others and Teams in Companies. I've followed plans most of my career, and am searching now for a leap in my future. Thank You so much for this feedback!

I think it’s quite cool that you generate this personality assessment. It definitely helps narrow down key traits about myself and gives personal insight.

Always good to know a big company takes time to reflect and give feedback , especially positive feedback, really appreciate it

Most of the Personality Profile sounds like me. When my husband was diagnosed with cancer, most of our friends were interested in his treatment, prognosis, etc were helpful and caring However, one of our friends stayed away and we knew something was wrong. After some weeks, we all had a chat and found out her mother died of cancer and she stayed away because it brought her experience flooding back, in her mind she thought my husband was going to die. We reassured her, but what she had experienced with her Mum was very raw and real. I have learnt from that experience, I would on reflection, ask my friend to meet and discuss it over a coffee. I have worked in jobs that have required repetition, routine and following a defined process. These are the best jobs as everyone works with the same guidelines. I can definitely balance what is required at work with my outside of work pursuits. I would do my best and hope that if I was called to be the visionary of a team I would have a clear plan so that other team members would have confidence in me to put that plan into action.

i liked it because it boosted my confidence and made me think differently about myself

It’s always useful to find out how others see you as a person. What you see is what you get !!

I found this useful because i couldnt agree more and i found the crititism constructive

Holistic approach towards evaluation of strength and few area of improvement highlighted in perfect manner. Thanks You..!!!

I am very glad to get your feedback so quickly. Your Suggestions are very helpful to me and help me have a deeper understanding of my own personality. Thank you again!

I found it useful because it shows what skills I could improve on .

It is useful in a sense of I get to know other side of myself that I knew but wasn't sure about. So hearing it from another person is great. Also help me know myself better for future careers and other things as well.

I do like to think that my results reflect me but I most certainly liked the coaching tips! Very handy

I appreciated the toys to improve my chances at job prospects in the future. Thank you.

Thank you, I have never had anyone give me such a detailed look into myself and my work, was very helpful in what ever the future brings in my employment and life.

Thank you for highlighting my strengths and weaknesses. I take on board your coaching tip and will do my best to act on your recommendations. I can't thank you enough.

Yes, I have found this useful due to the fact that it is very accurate and makes me feel more comfortable as a person.

I’m surprised to find the insights so accurate and I’m grateful for the coaching tips

I was amazed at the outcome. And yes I do need to take credit where or when it’s due and not hand it over to others a lot of the time


Yes, I feel like now I will know how to improve from the feedback that you guys have given me.

This was fantastic it gave me critical awareness in the areas I need to improve but also highlighted what were my strengths Thank you

It was generally accurate for the most part, it gives me an idea on how to improve myself.

It’s interesting to see how others see me

Yes. It lets me know, how I can better myself for the workforce

Yes it was.

I found this useful and it is a reflection on my self and shows me clearly whether i can fit into certain roles of specific jobs which can make it easier for me when applying. this will also help me fine the right job for me which i know i will enjoy thoroughly.

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