LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

Insightful and amazing

I'm totally up for feedback.. Most of my previous roles do have a structure of routines to follow.. I love people and enjoy helping others

I am always interested in gaining insights into my skills as a team player. As well as have my self impressions confirmed.

Thats amazing. Pretty spot on. Thanks

This was very insightful and loved the coaching tips!

I found this useful and very accurate. The info given reflects pretty much exactly how I feel and how I conduct myself and the tips for self improvement also seem relevant.

I appreciate the results about my self, some of the things i didn't know about my self.

Thank you iceland this had made me feel really good about myself and your feedback explains me all the way thank you

Fascinating - thought I was applying for a role, not undertaking a psych profile test.... Thanks for your feedback, which I find to be totally inconsistent with all peer and management performance feedback I have received over the last 20 years working in a Large Corporate environment (such feedback being provided bother quarterly and annually). I genuinely hope the feedback which you sent me was not the baseline for candidate assessment to the role for which I applied - Regards, Aaron Shearer

Some insight into yourself is always a good thing . Thank you. Does this mean I wasn't successful.

Thank you for your comments, they were quite accurate and how I like to give my all. I do spend quality time at home, either exercising or playing games to de-stress.

It was very useful to understand my strengths and weaknesses

I thought the personality insights were a very classy touch to an online interview. I'm definitely going to take the coaching tips into consideration and reflect upon them

it was very helpful and self motivating

It's amazing how after asking just a few questions you can know me and who I am, I could not argue with any of your insights into me and I can use this information to improve in both my current job and future jobs I apply for as well as improve my private life

It's just as I saw it I just didn't think anyone else would almost makes me shy... Almost thanks for that

Wow, it's quite a boost to read what someone else sees in me as an employee. Thank you that's really raised my spirit today.

It was good to hear feedback from the answers that I gave I found it was quite interesting and informative

Great feedback. I would agree with most of it but, not all of it. You change as you get older and learn from your experiences. You become wise, more understanding and more confident in your thoughts and actions.

yes it is , l wish l was also told why l didnt get the job , then l could impove myself .

I have learnt alot of things about my self that i did not know. Why reading, i was like "yes this is so me". Therefore its been helpful

Your observations will help me in being an all round person in workplace

It was pretty spot on. I do need to let things go a bit. I tend to over think things. Thank you!!

It opened up my eyes towards my strengths , very helpful indeed.

This was fantastic as it delves into your inner self and helps to reflect on your actions or inaction. Listening skills are crucial in all parts of life! Thank you.

Really strong results, I can relate to all of it.

Actually it feels good getting back a feedback on how others can see me based on my performance. We all here living our life to be better than we were yesterday, to grow to be more to help our community the best way we can. Coaching tips after an interview in my eyes are a nice and not expected but much appreciated effort from the company gives inspiration and motivation to plan on future development, course opportunities, if the application is rejected then gives all the tools you need to grow from it and use the experience for the next opportunity to be better.

It’s always good to see yourself from another person’s perspective and take it on board for personal development.

This description was actually very spot on! It gave an almost perfect description of me and with that being said I am more interested in taking the feedback advice given.

This was great feedback and basically tells me what most of my friends and family say and previous teachers .

what i found scary was how very accurate this was! very good, gave me a smile.

I found this very useful as it’s gave me an insight of my actions and how it can be put into words

it was very helpful as it gave me more of an insight.

I respect this insight, I am very reliable, I happily work with others and also solo if needed, I work with rules deeply as I believe they are there for a reason .

Its really good to know

I found it useful as it has made me understand more about myself

I found this useful because hearing my insights have made me more self aware of my strengths and where I need to improve

Thank you for the feedback. It was unexpected. Thank you so much. It is always useful to look at yourself from the side. But it is invaluable when you receive support and specific guidance. I appreciate this and thank you!

This helped as I have received feedback on what another individual thinks of me thank you.

wow! the evaluation of my answers seemed pretty spot on.

The insights were pretty on the money. I find this interesting and would like to know how you these conclusions.

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