LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

this really helped me figure out my strength and areas I can improve in.

Certainly enlightening. Good to see someone’s view from afar, Thank you, Dave Barron

Very useful, and very true

I found this very helpful as it explains exactly who i am and hopefully as an employer will see me with promising potential to grow.

It is interesting to see your view on me as it helps me see what I need to improve on and what I am good at. Thankyou !

This was useful to me because now I know what I need to target to improve involving team skills.

I found most of them useful cos I’d say they are correct apart from the free thinking one and being independent as I like working in teams.

I felt as if I was reading a biography on myself, gosh thanks so much for this, a company that takes great measures getting to know an individual to see if they fit their company. From this I can state that you take excellent care of your employees, thank you so much for these Insights. Much appreciated.

Yes I find it useful because I have learned that I need to make myself a priority

Thank you for giving me a chance to understand and know myself. I could realize my weakness from your insights and it would really help me to cope with my weakness. Thank you.

I found the whole experience very useful because I can learn from feedback

I think it's a great thing to do .Makes you think about yourself .See if there's anything you might wanna change .So cool thanks

This is useful because it will help me to correct what needs to be correct and ready for this position.

I can say that it has been useful to me, because many times we do not know who we are, what strengths, weaknesses and points to improve we must work.

All feedback is useful in development, so I'm extremely grateful for it, thank you!

Thank you for the feedback. I took the time to read what your results said. It was interesting about a few points but i dont totally agree with some of the analysis mentioned. I will take a couple of points on board. But i hope that any of my answer don't hinder my chances with applying for the position. Thanks for your time. Regards Warren

It’s always important to take the time to reflect upon your self and make changes if needed.

you've made me more aware in areas I need to work in which would be helpful for not only employment but daily life , I shall now try my best and reflect from this feedback

I enjoyed my feedback thank you. It was very interesting and very spot on for the type of person I am.

Thank you for letting me know what my strengths and weaknesses are.

It helps me to always remember that I come first, I need to nature me first so that I can be able to be strong enough for those who need me.

Any feedback is good feedback. It identify what areas need improvements that I might not yet know needs improving.

It was interesting and it gave me useful tips to improve which I enjoyed.

Was very interested in what has been said and feel on the whole very accurate.However as far of speaking my mind I absolutely will do that if I know my subject,but I agree I may bide my time until I know the procedure but once I do I gain confidence in expressing my opinion,and I will make it my intention to be well informed to achieve this goal

thank you for this feed back this will help me in future interviews

Thank you for the Insight response to my interview. Agree with the overview and will take on board the feedback and coaching :)

Absolutely spot on . I can use the tips to progress further

Its really spot on all the points about me are true. Thank you for the coaching. One can never stop improving yourself.

I found this really useful because the skills I have gained and the questions from the interview gave me an understanding of what I can expect which is good so I can be ready! Fingers crossed I get the job

Great way of self-introspection

I found it incredibly helpful that you would give me such nice feedback. Thank you ever so much.

This has helped me understand and know where and what my strengths or weaknesses. Its been a great experience and I thank you for your honesty. I hope to continue developing myself as a person to be a successful candidate.

It was useful because everyhting you said was just all good and perfect you lot are understanding and supportive and i love it!

I defiantly agree with this feedback and feels as this explains my passion towards the thing I love.

I feel it’s accurate to a point. I am absolutely open to new ideas and I am sociable with team members we go out for drinks regular I just don’t get into lots of drama. I have always said to my in charge that whatever he asks of me I’m more than happy to do I just choose not to make like hard for him. I am keen to help anyone anytime and get the job done as quickly as possible to the highest standards

I read the insights and found it described me, it was nice to read about how I am in other peoples words. thank you.

It is scarily accurate and very useful for when I would explain my strengths and weaknesses at an interview

I really like that profile, it has got me almost to a T.😃😃😃

Very good to have good and bad traits documented for future reference . Thank you.

I think this was a useful piece of information to see how you see my personal strengths and weaknesses throw what information I have given you I do indeed think that some of the weaknesses you stated in my personal are correct and I should work on changing. Thank very much

What inspires us


Totally non-curated and merely a collation of the team's diversity and diverse reading habits.

Civilized to Death

Civilized to Death

Why we love it

Christopher Ryan raises the question, is life really “better” or are we “happier” than our pre-modern hunter-gatherer ancestors? Better and happier might be relative terms, but at least with regard to our health, wealth, longevity, work and leisure, are we in a better state today?

What I learnt from it

The takeaway is not to undo life as we know it and become foragers, but to question some of the driving principles of modern civilization that has led to some clearly undesirable outcomes. For example, why are lot of us unhappy and unengaged with the work we do? Ryan coins the phrase “Narrative of Perpetual Progress” (NPP) to explain the shared belief we have on the superiority of civilization and to take as given that “progress” makes the future better.But if we put “progress” under a microscope, would we find this to be the case? Using forager life as a reference point in answering that question creates a renewed sense of appreciation for our forager ancestors, which most us think of as “primitive”. There clearly are lessons to be learnt from them.

For example, I found the following explanation of how hunter-gatherer survival activities (what we today call work) can be seen more as “play” than some reluctant activity most of us want to trade-off with leisure or “life” as in work-life balance.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we can say the same about work today? Maybe then we wouldn’t look forward too much to the weekend or for that matter Monday might excite us more than Friday!

Why it’s a must

For anyone interested in answering the question “can we make things better?”, it is a great starting point. Ryan focuses mainly on the perils of modern civilisation and how forager way of life can help us understand our true nature. I find that it also brings to light the value of advanced technologies such as AI and automation, how those can help people focus on more enjoyable work or gain more leisure time for example.

Who should pay attention?

Business leaders, Anyone who values human well-being




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