LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

Insight 4 was not correct, however the other insights were quite on the mark. I am often in leadership or managements roles and am fairly comfortable with candid conversations.

very personal application and it think it’s important information to know when applying for jobs/ working

because it showed what i could work on more as a person and useful things that i can apply to my jok skills

I like to see or hear what people think. It’s very useful in case I need to try and change my attitude towards things.

I was surprised to receive such information and appreciated the recommendations made. Most of the insights are very accurate and it is useful to reflect on myself.

Wow!! Your insight into me as a person was so accurate. I am amazed that you were able to get so much information through the answers I wrote. Knowing more about myself is going to help me immensely as I work hard for my career. Thank you - Maria Romas

Yes i agree with what your saying, im happy, the questions helped me remember situations i have been in and how i have responded, As we arent responsible of situations most of the time but we are responsible in how we react whether it be at work with team mates or customers or in our personal life, thankyou for this opportunity and your feedback.

it's quite a good reflection on myself

I thought it was great to see a different insight in to my personality

With all that’s said about me is correct, I’m a peoples person and I love helping out others and making sure that I do my work properly

I found this adivce very helpful and interesting

It's always useful to get feed back to see your strengths and where you can improve.

It’s amazing with the small amount I said what you can come up with Thank you

I found the results absolutely fascinating and very accurate, except for Insight 3. I would love to know what question I answered gave that result. Reason being I have always confidently mingled amoung large groups and they definitely do not scare me. I throughly enjoy talking to a wide variety of people and never stick to my own click group, just ask my husband, as he can never find me in a gathering as I am always finding new people to talk to. I look forward to hearing your views. Kind Regards, Mary Frankum

i appreciate the points highlighted and take the advice on board. ihope to hear back from you soon regarding the job oppertunity. Many thanks. Zaren

This is amazing. Although I have to agree with what has been sent to me, I feel I am very comfortable meeting and talking and also learning new things. Like a sponge and want to soak in any new information and feel I am not shy in asking for help and putting forth my opinions to help any situation. Thank you for this. I think you got it right. Cheers. Jules

I really liked the idea of the a personal feedback from you guys. It will most definitely help me improve.

yes I found this useful the reason why is it gives you very helpful information.

I agree with one or two things but I'm really aware of change and like to i be around alot of people because I'm a oeoplea person.I take others into consideration before myself .And would never brag not me.I would definitely take heed to the rest of what was said thankyou .

it is always good to self reflect and i appreciated the positive tone in which it was presented

I recognize a lot of me with this synopsis and it provide food for thought on how I could improve.

It is very accurate and it makes me want to be more confident in myself and know that I can achieve lots

this experience has made me realizes my strengths and weaknesses and I believe it will boost my confident and see things in a different way.

I think it was helpful but i do check the details as i do like to ensure we can get things resloved on the one call.

This was very motivating and inspiring to read this. I look forward to hearing from the Iceland team again. Thank you very much. Kind regards Kimberly Jose-Ballester.

It was very useful to know my traits

It was a very accurate description and allowed me to reflect on certain aspects of myself.

Personality traits are important when choosing teams. This has made me reflect on aspects which are accurate and those which are not and a test like this should not be read with any certainty only as a rough guide to be productive

Good insight

This information has made me more confident as a person

This is very useful to me because it made me realise that I am actually a very nice person and I appreciate the coaching tip, definitely going to use it

I find this useful as reading it through gave me some real positive pointers about how my interview went

I found this very useful because now I can focus on what I need to work on about myself

Thank you for the feedback I'll take note of that.

Thanks for the feedback. That’s great to know about myself. I’m amazed this result come from doing my interview.

Yes I found this very useful, you are right this is who I am.

I think the feedback that was given to me was pretty right, which made me feel way better about myself.

Seemed accurate + provided some useful advice

This reflects the arears of improvement I need to work on, which would be helpful and enhance my current abilities.

I found this useful as it gives me an indication on what areas I need to work on when working in a team.

I did find this very useful and helped me looked at things differently I would say about 75 percent accurate

I had a great experience while taking the interview,I said a lot about how I handle situations in a professional space and in return I learnt a lot about my positive behavior through this interview feedback,I now know my areas of strengths and weaknesses and how i can balance the two,also i also know how both play an important role in my career

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