LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

I feel really good about my answers and It gave me time to reflect on myself.

I found this helpful for what I should look for in myself to improve and better my working experience

I found this feedback as a great platform to learn from and put into practice.

I found things really helpful and understanding

Thank you. This very useful to me. I never get feedback from a company when I have a interview. I always ask but they say they are busy. I would love to improve myself more. I feel like this is very accurate as well.

Its always good to get feedback as this will help me improve my strength and weakness which will make me a better person in general.

The results of this test are very accurate. It was good to gain some experience when looking for a job

It's very useful because it boost confident and makes you to be able to know your strength,power,and what your capability.

This was actually super helpful.

thank you for your feedback. much appreciated, your feedback shows me that i'm always doing my best, and to me that is what is most important

After receiving this email I found it very helpful and i really appreciate the feedback. I read this entire four times and made me smile every time. I agree that it has made more confident as a person and more self aware of my strengths and areas i need to grow in.

Thank you so much for the feedback this is so useful to me

It gave a good insight of who I am and the type of worker.

You reminded me who I am. What am I about. How valuable can I be. Thank you for this.

I found this useful because I can use this information as a tool to improve on areas that will help me grow.

This saw me my inner strength and the kind of person i am which will help me to showcase and to help others.

It is always good to have feedback on how you can improve. I found this really useful thank you

The feedback given was very true and eye-opening

Thanks for your feedback and am really happy to hear from you.

This was helpful as I can see where I am going right and what adjustments need to be made to make me more suited to the workforces.

I believe the coaching tips given are amazing! to make me improve as a person in the working community i now have a few tips on how to ready myself for how i persue my attitude at work

It helps me to improve and believe in myself. Thank you very much

I would say the majority of the assessment was true to me, but the training tip, I felt wasn’t me, I used to be a trainer myself in a bank, and I don’t keep my mouth shut for long.

The points raised are very helpful with self awareness. It’s important to have an idea of how others see you you, whether it be a bad listener or opinionated. I feel it’s very important to take theses suggestions on board and it’s a healthy reminder that everyone is has their own and people can perceive things very differently.

it let me know that my opinion and viewpoint does matter and to speak up

I really liked this because it gave me a real understanding of myself and how I am viewed in some ways. Thanks heaps, this was very useful.

Amazing information that was picked up on me. Very true. Thank you

It is useful as it describes exactly how I am

I found this useful because I now know what qualities I do hold and what I can do to improve. Thankyou

It is helpful because is very motivational at the same time it encourages me to express my views

I am amazed at how accurate this assessment was

Have been able to know the parten to improve in my life

Learning to be a critical thinker and a good problem solver.

I always like to learn new things about myself and considering most of it were things I’ve heard before, I’d say I’ll be taking your advice.

This was very useful because it shows my strengths but also improvements in my work ethic in which I can improve on in my career

Constructive and motivating

Great to see your business utilising it within the first section of recruitment process. Good insight and awesome to see broken down coaching and training as part of the feedback.

I honestly cannot believe how accurate the feedback was. I've done many personality tests and I have always felt the results were shallow and not always that true to me. I was not expecting the results from just a few questions to be so informative and the bonus of having actionable steps was a welcome surprise.

It tells me a lot about myself and what I need to overcome to succeed and hopefully be a better person

I have found these insights extremely helpful as they will help me with the areas that I lack strength and confidence.

I found this useful because it gave me an insight into what other people think about me

This information is actually very useful and quite interesting

I found this very useful as it’s gave me an insight of my actions and how it can be put into words

It reaffirmed what I thought about myself and some areas that I can improve, now that they have been made clear to me. God bless you, stay healthy!

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