LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

Great to see your insights and be able to look at areas you can improve. I think you should always look to be a better person in everything you do.

Oh wow I love this, thank you for sending this info back to me

Thankyou for getting back to me, your feedback from the questions are a true inside to ME, you are correct about a lot of things and I do wear my heart on my shelve at times and I do worry to many times. But thank you for letting me know it was very helpful

I can honestly say that this has helped me tremendously as i haven't had many interviews for many years its always been face to face I respect your answers and will be using them again thank you for your help .

This is actually a good account of me and what I experience when at work or going to work for the first time in a while. It might help me to learn from this and be more positive.

I learned very insightful information about myself. It was very interesting and I appreciate the gesture. Thank you.

This is very useful to me, Guys! I really appreciate this feedback.

I found this very useful as I felt satisfied and very relieved, I know it doesn't mean I have the job but I still felt great!

I like to think of my self as a social person- everything else sounds pretty spot on!

This information is actually very useful and quite interesting

Certain parts of the insight was exactly me which I found interesting from the answers I gave

I agreed with the personality profile, surprisingly very accurate and grate coaching tips.

Its helped me alot and hope to improve on my interview if successful

Some of it is true I am dedicated to working and I'm not afraid of change I can work alone or in a big group

Was useful that you pointed out on things I should practice my skills.

Always good to get feedback.

It's useful because I get to know different things about my personality and know what I should work on more.

It's always good to get feedback on applications for employment, and to see if there are areas which could be improved

Thank you so much. Yes definitely useful. Its interpreted different to the way I wrote it. Makes you look at the bigger picture.

Thank you for being honest with me and taking time to analyse my personality. It is greatly appreciated.

I found the coaching tips very helpful, it was great asvice

I found this feedback from my Predictive hire interview as an amazing tool for anyone who has access to the system. I got instant feedback regarding my own personal reflection which makes me want to do it more to be more aware of my own self-being. I thank the team at Hudson for providing graduates with this system as I believe it is new, innovative and very important feedback for any graduate through this process. Thank You

It was very informative. It has addressed my blind self and I’m grateful. Thank you

I appreciate the feedback which I will take on and improve myself.

This is so enjoyable. I felt like someone is talking to me face to face and actually understand me. I ask my husband to try and apply too. 😉

Never had a personality test before very interesting as I do agree with most of the results

Thank you for your feedback, I appreciate it but just wanted to mention that I don't fully agree with some of the insights.

It was interesting to read and I found I agreed with the results.

Thank you for this it is quite useful and lets me know more about myself.

I’ve found it useful because it made me realise a lot more things I’ve done that would help me thrive with this opportunity

Good for bringing out general attributes and strengths that apply in many fields.

I found this useful because it gave lots of information about what jobs require which can really help me in a workplace.

It was very useful as I found the scrutiny of my answers were synthesised very well, I got to know me better and what I can stick to in order to achieve success and what work would suit me the best. Further, I also feel confident and prepared about any assessments/challenges that I have to face in my future days. Thank you so much, it was very productive and nice completing those queries and reading about the personality test feedbacks.

It's helpful to know what I need to work on to be a better person.

Question one: I am very open to new ideas and have created many systems to improve work flow. I am extremely innovative and am constantly looking for ways to improve however I am not a rule breaker. Question 2: I pay particular attention to detail and although I agree that I look at the big picture I do not sacrifice detail to achieve the goals and feel I achieve both simultaneously. Question 3. I am always comfortable to assert my opinion publicly however I am circumspect in how I express my opinion. My previous occupations required me to express my opinion to teams, groups and general public. I am not adverse to conflict and am known to handle difference of opinions extremely well. The balance of the questions I do agree is an accurate reflection.

This insight of my attributes is quite accurate. I was especially impressed by the insight of my social attributes. I do tend to not like certain social gatherings, and enjoy the smaller groups that I feel comfortable with. With respect to the Reflections, I have always found myself in situations where I had to fix the problem. I never though about how others may react, except that the job had to be done, and that it was acceptable to management, and that it satisfied all local regulations. Your coaching tips are useful to me as I should be more aware of how strong my case is for change, and how others may be affected by the proposed changes. I also now know that it is important to have a plan for any vision I may have. This is because, if people can see the plan, and the benefits for all stake holders, then the vision I may have, can be realised efficiently.

I found it very imformative and very allso gives me points where I think I can improve.thank you.

This was fantastic as it delves into your inner self and helps to reflect on your actions or inaction. Listening skills are crucial in all parts of life! Thank you.

Good discription and advice Cheers

Well, I looked pretty good to you, didn't I? I still say that writing answers to questions makes it easier to look good than having to deal with a 'live' interview or workplace situation.

This was insanely accurate and explained me so well. Was great to know how much a workplace can care about you.

Yes it's useful, it allows me demonstrate my strength and abilities.

This is great, I found this quite interesting it has opened my eyes to my strengths and things I need to work on. Thank you for the insight.

I found this useful broken down. Seeing how my traits, strengths and styles are interpreted.

Thanks for the feedback

Thankyou, this will help me improve myself in a work environment or on a day to day basis. This is very useful.

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New Illinois employment law signals increased state focus on artificial intelligence in 2020

New Illinois employment law signals increased state focus on artificial intelligence in 2020

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A read that provoked a bit of discussion amongst the team noting that the Act does not define “artificial intelligence,” a term that is often misunderstood and misapplied even by experts. How will they separate what traditional statistical analysis has been doing to what modern ML algorithms do?

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Any attempt to classify ML as something different to just statistical analysis at scale will be fun to watch.

One can then argue just using averages and medians are a form of AI … Regression .. Correlations … AI bias … Ask BERT to fill in the missing pronoun in the sentence, “The doctor got into ____ car,” and the A.I. will answer, “his” not “her.” Feed GPT-2 the prompt, “My sister really liked the colour of her dress. It was ___” and the only colour it is likely to use to complete the thought is “pink.”

Background From Article

With the Artificial Intelligence Video Interview Act (effective January 1, 2020), or “AI Video Act,” Illinois has passed a groundbreaking new law regulating the use of artificial intelligence (“AI”) in video recruitment practices.

Employers increasingly seek tech-enabled tools to facilitate the hiring, evaluation, retention and development of their workforces. However, as the implementation of new technology grows, old problems, like bias and disparate impact, may surface in new ways. While the White House has encouraged a hands-off approach, the AI Video Act signals a trend towards state-level responses to this emerging technology and its risks.


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