LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

It was good to hear my strengths during an interview

It’s a good thing for me to see that even before working I’m receiving constructive feedback from you guys. You were able to give me feed back from simply asking me 7 questions. That gives me a bit more of a reassurance that I will improve in lots of areas while working at Bunnings. :D

I found this useful because it helped me understand myself as a person and helped me understand what kind of person I am

I did not find this useful ,you are only telling me what I told you ??? this being a first contact interview ,it was a cold experience, your analysis of my character based on a computer program I find insulting at best, where has the human interaction gone. Really is this how we employ people now, no face to face encounter, no verbal dialogue,It seems I'm nothing but a number.(In what way could you use this.) none of the below.

Thank you so much for the feedback . I am really grateful for that . I look forward to make myself more better and focus on myself

Thank you!! It will help me grow as a person

It was a pretty accurate summary of myself

Very interesting to have your responses calculated into personality traits. From these online interviews it’s great to have your answers analysed and then given feed back.

I found the tips are useful

Yes now I my personality

Especially "You are curious by nature and like to explore new experiences and different approaches to work. You enjoy a dynamic environment and welcome change as an opportunity to learn and develop". Thank you very much, look forward to hearing from you. Ivano Felisio

I liked this because it made me think of myself and the type person i am and want to be.

Thanks on the feedback, I am all the things that has been described,

I liked the way you conduct this whole process. In my view, it's a great way to know yourself. Thanks for that.

It has been 20yrs since last applying for a job, things have certainly changed and I found this feedback/insite to be of great help. Thank you.

Yes as it Helped me to be more aware of my self.

This will help a lot to see what jobs I can fit into

All of it sounded like me, apart from point 3, which indicated that I am quite outgoing. I would not agree with this.

The survey was a great insight to myself and where I sit at the moment in my life. Thank you

Good to find out my strengths or personality assessments.

It gave me a real boost to get a quick response excellent how you do a profile with information given to you about me it made me feel good about myself it has help to use my profile in a different experience

It matches my personality traits exactly so it is hood to know that what I think I am like as a person has been confirmed.

This feedback allowed me to pinpoint what may be my strengths as well as my weaknesses. Which will no doubt help me improve

Thank you very much I have taken on board what u have said and I am putting myself first

It has told you a lot about me. But I do voice my opinion when needed but in a nice and helpful way. Think this is the best way to get results.

Reading the insights and coaching tips, pointed out several things that I was aware of and a few things that were bought to light, that I can see as accurate and certainly able to work on and improve.

It was very useful it summed me up pretty well

The result is very interesting.. I will review it and use it to gain greater insight into my personality. All feed back is useful, especially when my age and generational influences are taken into account. Thankyou.

Thanks for the feedback , this made me feel happy about the good things I do and also helps me know what I can do better and improve.

I knew quite a few things about myself from this but also learnt some others that I had not even thought about was a good eye opener and the feedback I what I can do to change and improve I will definitely look into and give my best to work towards it thank you was really great to read!

Because it helps me identify things to make me more effective at my job.

It was very interesting to find out that everything is very true,but I don’t mind routine

It made me realise my strengths and gave me me a chance to remind myself about my abilities.

I think the insights was pretty accurate. No issues from my end but it has made me realize that there are always things I need to work on and am happy to do so. Thanks for the feedback to me. Regards Brenton Goodsell

Thank you for your feedback Its pretty much spot on Your action plan is what i am actually working on them at the moment even before i had these results My actions to myself are to speak up sometimes no is the answer

It showing me where I could do better thanks for the feed back

I did! I found a lot of it very on the mark for me and also some parts way off but that would be somewhat expected. I loved all the bits that make sound great!!! And I can see that the parts that Im not so perfect at could certainly be worked on to be of benefit, so I will look at that aspect, thanks heaps for the analysis I did not expect that! Whats next????

This feedback was very useful to me, I can understand myself better, improve myself, and become more confident and efficient in my life and in my job!

This has helped me to see what attributes I do posses, and what I may need to improve or change to become a better, well rounded person.

I found this really useful and am very thankful for it, understanding each other in a work place is the best possible thing for the working relationship.

Your insights were spot on and tells me your are very observant to understanding my personality and work performance. I trust being employed within the Public Service will help me strengthen, upskill to broaden my knowledge and experience. I appreciate the Action tips: * Paying attention in the workplace is constant and I understand that to work together in moving forward through any kind of change it is necessary to accept and adjust to the differences, the like or dislikes and the capabilities of my work colleagues whilst transitioning through the course of change. It is important to encourage and help your team work within the frame of their comfort zones giving consideration and support when or where needed. * Yes I agree that in some job placements the work is set out routinely using certain processes continually on a daily basis and kept within the framework of national or state policy and procedures and that balancing the limitations of the workplace with outside of work activities is a must; to ensure and prevent breaches and uphold the integrity of the workplace and as well as the outside activity that I participate with in my volunteer capacity. * I am confident in and see myself as a visionary due to my creative abilities and attributes. This is the part of me that needs work in strengthening example; promotion, explanation, or expressed clarity to deliver the message effectively. I have greater strengths in written communication than I do verbal communication. Thankyou I am a believer in "always room for Improvement" and "we can always agree to disagree, this is a way to create mutual understanding"

Thanks for your input, and for sharing. Will look into the details more closely next time. Clarifying questions, good tip thank you!

What inspires us

Academic Research

Our data science team is always learning and experimenting which means they are closely connected to other research in this area around the world.

Notes from the frontier: Tackling bias in AI (and in humans)

Notes from the frontier: Tackling bias in AI (and in humans)

Why we love it

Authors provide a succinct yet comprehensive overview of how biases can be baked into AI, ways to mitigate it and when developed well, how AI can help reduce human biases in decision making. It is written for a non-technical audience but includes a great list of original research work in the Endnotes section that anyone interested in further reading can access.

What I learnt from it

It is great to see our own experience building AI solutions in a domain (talent acquisition) where unconscious bias is commonplace, resonating well with what the authors describe. Especially in how AI can help bring human bias to light and steps to follow in building AI solutions with no measurable biases. Some of the key points include:

  • Having a clear and applicable definition of bias and fairness. This includes thinking about group vs. individual fairness, protected characteristics, predictive parity vs. error rate parity etc
  • Being aware of biases in data, data collection methods, and societally unacceptable correlations (algorithmic biases) learnt by algorithms, all of which are discoverable within a sound machine learning process
  • Using methods such as Local Interpretable Model-agnostic Explanations (LIME) to explain the outcomes of seemingly complex algorithms that act as black boxes.

Why it’s a must

As AI becomes pervasive, the topic of algorithmic bias and fairness has attracted lot of attention. This is a great short paper for decision makers, especially at the C-level to demystify the topic. I would say a must read for all CHRO’s exploring the use of AI in their workflows. Especially the five suggestions listed in the conclusion of the paper forms a framework to maximise fairness and minimise bias when using AI.

Who should pay attention

CHROs, Hiring managers, Business leaders


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