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I am glad to receive feedbacks about myself, I have been getting feedbacks in all positions that I have worked so far, and I have learnt lots of things and making me stronger personally. Things I think are true and others could be little different just because you have never been/worked with me. I am sure your feedback will help me to be better. Thank you.

Wow! Truly stunned by the detailed description and how accurate it is.

Great to see the results and compare with how l see myself.

The personality results gave me a very clear idea of what type of person I am which allowed me to understand what my strengths and weaknesses are exactly.

Wow describes me really well

I found this very useful cause as I was reading all the insight, I totally agreed with all that has been given. It really gives me a feedback to what I am good at and what needs to improve. I would talk to somebody such as my peers, friends or parents if I have any concerns like helping me stop thinking negative thoughts cause I do that sometimes. And also not letting other people drag me down with their complaints. So this feedback really helped me see who I really am.

Hi thought the insight very useful although might not agree with Insight 2 as I am generally very organized and very reliable. Thanks for sending through as always good to reflect and improve

True to the very word,I think outside the box, self motivated,and abundance of common sense.

I didn't see anything that relates to me :) but thanks for trying to pinpoint my personality, but I have to say it's neutral.

I found this very useful because this is the first time a employer that I have sent my application too has made the time too tell my my strong points and not just over look it and never respond.

This is me to a tee I found it really useful u done this survey

Quite astonishing, was very much like me.

I know where I am at and how to improve!

It’s useful however i am confident working in big groups and i love being apart of a team.

I found this useful as it helped me reflect on who i am a individual.

This was useful as I now have a goal to work towards while knowing my strengths

Thankyou, I will take this information on board. It has given me a great insight into my strengths and will be very helpful for preparing my responses in my upcoming interview. Reading it was impressive and I was surprised with how accurate the description of myself was.

Great Feedback WOW so close to the way I am Thank You

As I answered the questions honestly I'm relieved to read that the program's overview of my personally is pretty much spot on. It's interesting to see that it extrapolated that I'm social but enjoy my own down time and that I like to stand up for what I believe in. When it comes down to a program deciding the essence of my character at least with your system I'm comforted that it is a fair representation of me.

I found the coaching tips very helpful, it was great asvice

It's good keeping positive and negative feedback from places no matter what it is, so thanks!

I felt as if I was reading a biography on myself, gosh thanks so much for this, a company that takes great measures getting to know an individual to see if they fit their company. From this I can state that you take excellent care of your employees, thank you so much for these Insights. Much appreciated.

I found this useful because it points out my strengths and explains why I have them.

This was a great read, and also very much applied to me!

i appreciate the points highlighted and take the advice on board. ihope to hear back from you soon regarding the job oppertunity. Many thanks. Zaren

I think its a fair description of me and feed back was helpful

Because that told you what do you do to make you better

To be honest I think you miss read one of my answers. I am one of the less materialistic and status driven people you’ll ever meet. I don’t care about things like that. My children & husband are the most important thing to me in the world. I’ve also worked and loved doing it as a Carer and enjoyed every single minute. I asked my family for one word to decide me and they said “selfless” as I do anything for anyone and I put everyone before myself. So maybe my answers didn’t accurately show my personality. Sorry.

Thank you for your feedback. I will reflect on your answers and I value your time.

Thankyou for this information. It is important to understand your personality and realise your strengths and eeaknesses

Because it was very enjoyable and interesting and I learnt a lot about on line interview.

Any insight into how I can better myself and be a more productive and helpful team member (and person) is great! Thank you Kelly Sibary

This was very useful because there are things I didn’t know about myself and now I know and confident about. Thank you so much for the insights !

It was useful to find out what I am like to others perspective however the part where people don't notice my say is quite false because I always have my points heard.

i found it useful as it has shown me my strengths and weaknesses, this tells me what to improve for the future.

Well appreciated

It was so useful because in my life I never got a feedback like you gave feedback into details now I’m ready to prepare for interviews

I've found the test useful and interesting. And it was pretty accurate.

It's great to get feedback from an outsider as we can find it hard to explain ourselves our thoughts and actions into words . Thank you

Thank you so much for the positive feedback it’s greatly appreciated. . This will help me to work on some areas you mention . Kind Regards, Melissa Dreger

This is really useful because you are knowing about yourself and what qualities I’m having too .

It was a rather mindful response, it has put a clear point of view that is easy to understand.

It really teaches how you must do things and the way of thinking is the best

its great to get another persons perspective about yourself as i think most people find fault with them selves rather than looking at the positives you made me feel great THANKS

Some very good and quite useful insights

Wow I am thrilled, at my weakness and strength reflied to me. To improve and gain more in those and learn more about myself.

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Nudge management: applying behavioural science to increase knowledge worker productivity

Nudge management: applying behavioural science to increase knowledge worker productivity

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We liked reading this because it mirrored what we read from candidates every day after their receive ‘MyInsights, their personalised insights profile. We believe that every person regardless of their role craves personal growth. The feeling they have when they receive that report- priceless for our team. “Thank you for your email. I did find it useful as it has made me really think about my workplace and personal life by self-reflecting. I feel since reading this, I have stepped up in a few different situations including at work where I had stepped up in a temporary leadership role.

Personally, I have been practising speaking my mind and let go of toxic friendships and make decisions more easily. And … After getting the insight of what you see of me & your reasoning it made me think about workplace moments & how well I’ve responded to situations as well as make me think about alternative ways I could have reacted & received differing outcomes.


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