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Personality. What makes you the way you are

Personality. What makes you the way you are

Author: Daniel Nettle

Why we love it

Buddhi, Our Principal Data Scientist recommended this book to me. I read it in a weekend.
Written by Daniel Nettle, a British behavioural scientist, it goes into the pedagogy of personality measurement discovering that all the way back to 1884, natural language was considered a sensible and obvious way to measure personality. The author has done a wonderful job of bringing personality to life, using real case studies and people he has interviewed as part of his research to descriptively illustrate the continuum of the Big 5 traits in personality.

What I learnt from it

Everyone has all the 5 traits just as everyone has a height or weight. Where we differ is the magnitude. One takeaway for me was that “conscientiousness is the most reliable personality predictor of occupational success as opposed to the personality requirements of a particular job”. Nettle weaves in the heritability of personality traits and shows how the variation between people’s personalities helps preserve our species. There is neither good nor bad in where you stand in the personality trait scales. What is important is knowing one’s personality and gaining a higher level of individual agency over one’s life, making better choices in key life decisions like selecting what to study, what career to pursue, and whom to marry.


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