LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

I found your feedback very interesting. Somethings I felt were spot-on, which made me take a closer look at the other findings as well. They made me think. Thanks, Cyd

Great questioning and results. They will help me in the interview.

Thank you for letting me know all the insights it helped me know about my overall personality which I can groom if needed.

an insight into myself from anothers perspective is always welcomed

In my opinion it is always helpful to get feedback on how to become a better team member and also just in general. I hope I can become part of the Iceland team and show my skills!

There's alot of points there that sometimes you forget how you can make a great impact on others and make more of a difference on myself and as team and grow up the ladder in a career

I love this outcome of the interview process! I have read through all of my insights and they are scarily accurate! I really liked the coaching points at the end.

I found this useful as it can help me fine tune my skills as a work colleague and as a friend

It was a little of a let down as I am a leader n I aim to please please give me an opportunity

While i would see this assessment as quite acurate it is only a snippet of what and how I operate in the work place. It is indeed a great starting place though of feedback.I will indeed use this for future focus.

The feedback was helpful although I disagree with Insight 1 - I am always happy to try new things.

Wow! You predicted me to a tee.

Wow what fabulous feedback about myself I found it confronting when it was stated that I find it difficult to assert myself publicly.

I found this very useful as the coaching tips has provided me with a confidence to pursue job interviews in the areas I wish to gain employment.Thank you

Thank you your feedback has been insightful. Although I do have an attention to detail

Thank you for the insightful feedback.

Its useful to hear an unclouded view of yourself as never too late to learn or improve.

This feedback is very useful for me and I can find myself in this feedback.

I think its quite useful as I get to know my strengths and weaknesses and can help improve myself at work and personal life,

I found this very helpful as it describes me very well

Constructive cri3is always welcome.

I found this useful as this would help me build on my strengths and weaknesses.

always good to hear neutral unbiased feedback

It is a good way of assesing the basics of somebodys personality, Although Asking some questions about outside work life would help to assess this more

This feedback gave me things to work on and be more aware of my audience. I’ll take all these reflection notes on as a guide. Thank you

I have found this summary to be very helpful and informative. I will work on the methods suggested. Must say spot on with your observations

I think you may have some result which are not quite right Have have been working with a large building company for many years dealing with a whole host off people and have a great report with all

I found this significantly useful because it reminds me of what I’m capable of doing.

This analysis, aside from being very accurate, provided a great opportunity for my own self-reflection and preparation for listing my strengths in an interview.

It gives me an idea of what you see me as, and what you would consider a positive trait in an employee. It also provides me with more skills to add to my CV, so thank you very much.

This is perfect description of me. Absolutely correct. Thank you for the action plan.

I find this helpful since it shows the big picture of a workplace and how to efficiently work in a team to finish a task/job.

The outcome was very accurate and shows me Bunnings and I are on the same page. Everyone wants to feel appreciated and I get this feel from feedback.

I was very impressed with the response and how you gained what I thought was a true and fair insight into my personality. The coaching tip, reflection and action made great sense. I am very impressed how predictive hire assessed my initial interview

Yes it was insightful and coaching tips were really helpful.

I was amazed at the pretty accurate summary of my character and weaknesses!

I really appreciate that and hope I here back from you ! I would love to be apart of the team

I found the feedback useful because it makes me think how confident I am and all the things what I read I thought that’s me! 😁

The information you have provided have helped in ways I need to improve myself when relaying the information better

I liked reading the results and especially liked the reflection. I thrive on feedback

This article or questions are really helpful to express what you can really achieve

This was great. I can use it to reflect on my attributes as a successful team member.

Thank you for your insights. I found it very interesting and to the point. Also quite impressive the way they describe my personality.

What inspires us

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Whether on a train, driving or exercising - most of us will be consuming a podcast. These are some of our favourites.

Steven Pinker: AI in the Age of Reason

Steven Pinker: AI in the Age of Reason

Author | Lex Fridman: Steven Pinker

In this episode of Lex Fridman’s podcast, they discuss the topic AI in the Age of Reason. Here Steven Pinker debunks and explores many AI-related questions. Steven Pinker is a professor at Harvard and before that was a professor at MIT. He is also the author of many books.

Here are a few highlights from the conversation:

On AI being an existential threat, either by enslaving us or turning us into paper clips  – ‘totally fanciful’

On the impact of AI on jobs, displacing and replacing human in thousands of jobs – ‘are they jobs worth keeping? ‘ Pinker admonishes the literature which romanticizes these lost (shitty) jobs

On productive ‘fear’ vs ‘paralysing fear’ – Human effort is not well calibrated against risk. Because a basic tenet of cognitive psychology is that perception of risk and fear is driven by imaginability and not by data. This means we allocate trillions of dollars to fighting terrorism which kills a very small number of Americans & Australians a year, yet guaranteed risks, like traffic fatalities (40k pa in the US alone), and pandemics and nuclear war which are plausible enough to worry about receive far too little attention.

On the human tendency to amplify fear instead of good news – ‘Always predict the worst and you will be hailed as a prophet’

On the many fanciful claims about AI destroying our world – It assumes that engineering culture will suddenly become one which only maximises the objective with no care for risks. His 2 examples are compelling:

  • If that was how engineering culture worked then why were cars built with brakes if the goal of a car is to go fast
  • If we program a self-driving car to get to a destination by taking the shortest possible route, it won’t steamroll houses and parks to get there.

That’s not artificial general intelligence that’s artificial stupidity.


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