Recruiting automation that will increase accuracy and diversity when used at the start of your recruiting process.

Get predictive in 3 easy steps


Target a job family

Pick the job family. We specialise in predicting performance for the roles that matter the most – frontline roles.


Embed the link

Embed the interview link into all of your sourcing channels for the role. Applicants complete their 15 minute interview online.


Get Results

Login and see your predictions. You get a yes, no, or maybe recommendation so you can easily shortlist and avoid the potential low performers.

PredictiveHire uses data to find the combination of factors driving highest performing employees.

Whether it’s outstanding abilities in sales, or inbound contact centre – every role in business has its own pattern of success. We identify that pattern by combining behavioural assessments (data on innate traits) and data science (data on correlations), to identify what exactly makes your best performers tick.

Knowing this pattern means organisations can find better people faster. And just like humans artificial intelligence learns and improve effectiveness with use over time. But unlike humans, we do it by removal of bias giving every candidate a far chance of getting in the face to face interview stages. Each time someone is hired using the system, their performance profile is ingested into the model. This helps the system improve over time, and really pinpoint what traits affect performance. The tool can identify a myriad of personality traits, such conscientiousness, resilience and curiosity.

For the candidate, our tool is usually the first step of the hiring process. They answer a quick survey, it takes around 15 minutes of their time. It asks questions about their personality and behaviour in certain situations. We’ve geared it so the questions are personable and easy to answer.

For the hiring manager or recruiter, it’s a seamless experience. During the hiring process, the system ranks each candidate and presents this ranking as a simple Yes, Maybe, No recommendation. This helps eliminate the bias that can come with scanning a CV.

You can recruit faster

Why waste time reading embellished CVs? Reduce time to hire and track time to productivity post hire by using AI. The more it’s used the more it learns what it means to perform in your organisation, getting quicker and more accurate over time.

You can recruit fairer

Data is the fairest way to make good decisions. The right data tests an employees’ intrinsic values, beliefs, and ultimately how they will perform. Which means the right people end up in the right roles at the right time.

You can recruit better

With the right data helping you navigate the correlation between values and future performance, your company can make fair, unbiased decisions that avoid bad hires. And that’s better for everyone.

We play nicely with others

We know you have existing programs, so PredictiveHire can integrate with most Applicant Tracking Systems. There are various ways to configure this, and it all begins with consultation.


Global support 24/7

We may be machine based, but we are people too, and provide a dedicated 24/7 support team to help with any questions and resolve any issues that may come your way.

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