The Product

We bring the power of artificial intelligence to human resources, enabling you to make informed, data-driven hiring decisions.

Instant Benefits

Increases Speed of Hiring

PredictiveHire instantly highlights top talent, enabling your team to quickly engage before a candidate goes ‘off the market’.

Delivers Blind Recruitment

Our tools help identify suitable candidates based on performance, not demographics. This helps reduce unconscious biases in the recruitment process.

Reduces Exposure to ‘Bad Hires’

PredictiveHire significantly reduces the number of ‘bad hires’ and their cost to the business while pinpointing top performers who will contribute to a positive shift in company performance.

Allows You to Focus on What Matters

Via automated data -science, you can identify the best shortlist of candidates quickly. PredictiveHire allows your team to focus on the human element of the recruitment process rather than time-consuming screening tasks.

The PredictionEdge Platform

Our predictive models, powered by AI, generate accurate KPI-specific performance predictions, delivered simply via our SaaS platform, PredictionEdge. Prediction Edge makes it easy to manage your prediction information, which can be readily accessed on any web-enabled device, via any browser.

Our Most Commonly Modelled KPIs

Sales Performance

Predict top performers who are most likely to achieve their sales targets within your organisation.


Know your new hires will turn up to their shifts. We enable you to hire optimally to facilitate right size shift planning.


Find candidates who are less likely to engage in risky behaviour. When you are recruiting for high-risk roles, PredictiveHire can help achieve ‘zero incidents’ targets.

Culture Fit

The culture of a company is determined by a lot more than gender, race and age. Whatever the criteria for creating your business culture, we predict the likelihood of a candidate fitting right in.

Customer Service/NPS

Outstanding customer experiences are crucial for a business to remain competitive. PredictiveHire identifies candidates with excellent service skills.


High-performing new hires don’t positively impact your business unless they stay with you long enough to realise your return on investment.

Custom KPI

If you want to focus on a particular business issue or KPI, we can build a model to address it.

Combining KPIs

Need to track several important measures for good results? We also deliver models that predict against multiple KPIs.

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