LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

This is useful to me because know i know how some people look at me.I now know that i have some of the skills i was not aware of.This will help me on finding what suit for me and what i am good at.It helps me to believe in my self and have self esteem.

This information was quite useful as I now know where and what areas I need to work on going forward regardless of where I end up working and I think this is a great process to use when hiring.

It good to know and learn .

This helped as I have received feedback on what another individual thinks of me thank you.

Tells me what I can improve on

I find it very useful and I appreciate feedback, I received your call but I was in a noisy place I couldn’t hear properly . I look forward to work with you

Most of the things said about me it's true, and I'm glad that you see that in me.

Hi there, just quick feedback regards my Personality Results. It was interesting to read some of the insights because it brought some aspects of my personality that I kind of didn't mention. It seems to be very close to my reality, thank's for that. for sure it will be helpful. Cheers, Iury Monteiro

Thanks for your insight. I agree with the majority of your findings and I found it quite enlightening.

I loved the couaching tip helped out a lot and the some of the insights where my strengths .

I found this useful because it opened up another pathway of self-reflection and to better myself as a person.

really accurate and constructive. thank you :)

It's beneficial to understand yourself better. I was surprised this was so accurate.

I found these coaching tips very helpful to me. The main thing it teaches me that I should listen to my thoughts without judgment and give time to myself. When anyone asked me for any help though it’s out from my duties boundary I never said ‘no’. Now I learned that before saying ‘yes’ I should think about the merit and demerit of that help first at my role and duties.

Happy with results a good overview of my personality

Putting into words what my answers were and then reading back what itsays about me is so true. And also maybe make slight changes and be more confident

I found this information very interesting. I have never done an on-line interview before, and enjoyed the process.

I felt it hit the nail on the head. It gave me confidence in the process.

I found this very insightful and very aware of the areas ,I need to improve on. It does bedazzle me that some computer generated questions, can be so insightful. Thankyou for the feedback

It is nice to get other points of view, it was a great asset being in the Armed Forces they reviewed performance regularly.

Thank you for your wonderful advice. I feel that I've had a supportive counseling session. You know me so well!!🤗 Yes! My opinion counts and I'm allowed to voice it Without trepidation! Thank you again!

its a pretty accurate result I think it highlights things you are best at and your personality traits you forget about. thank you

I find the feedback very useful because it can help me work on my strengths & weaknesses & also grow as an individual at the same time.

It has helped open me up to more of myself and discover how to possibly become better

I didnt realise I was so closed off! Thanks for your help, Ill definately be using this in the future.

I found this useful as all the insights you provided described me so well

It is always helpful to see and understand another persons opinion of how i come across to people. Although i know i can be quiet, i also know that i am comfortable within myself to share my ideas and thoughts to others in work or sociably.

Seems fairly accurate. Not often I get advice to help improve myself but I am always open to positive feedback and its much appreciated and gives me something to work on.

I found this very helpful and has allowed me to see how my interview answers are portrayed and gives me an insight into what attributes an employer is looking for

I really love the insights because now I can see what I need to build

Really helpful and things to work on

Having this has made me feel part of the process and like I have gotten something out of the interviewing process even if I don’t get the job.

Thank you for the constructive feedback. Knowing more about my personality traits can assist me to achieve success in my chosen career. I can definitely maintain consistency of my strengths and work on my shortcomings so I can fit into a workplace better and increase my job satisfaction. It is all about adapting and innovating and striving ahead to reach self- actualisation goal. Thank you for your time and effort. I can keep up the journey of my learning and development.

I found this very useful, It made me reflect on myself and really got to know some of the other side of myself which I never realised I had in me. Thank you

I found this helpful and very insightful as it showed me who I know I am and how it can help me in future. Thank you :)

Great feedback given and well detailed.

Wow , Thanks

Absolutely, spot on, 😂 me to a T. Could identify with it all, I will certainly take notice, thank you.

I believe everyone as something to offer , that is why diversity and inclusivity is important of any organisation. I believe active listening is important part of participation, therefore, it is important to give others time to air their views.

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