Is hiring taking too long and costing too much?

Here's how to hire the best people 90% faster.


Downsize, upsize, right size and surge size – we’ve seen it all during COVID-19.

The need to hire FAST has been most prevalent in retail in 2020. While hard hit in some areas, retail has found itself needing to surge hire to cope with rapidly evolving consumer demand.

Clearly, as retailers adapt to a COVID world, changes to business operations will be required to survive.

With this free download, you can quickly:

  • Calculate your costs of hiring
  • Calculate the costs of your annual turnover
  • See the financial benefits of using automation for hiring
  • Avoid unnecessary revenue losses

From stores to contact centres – how you hire and who you hire – presents the quickest opportunity to drive for significant efficiencies.


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Download this easy to use calculator and quickly get a clearer picture of where you could apply automation to cut hiring costs and get to the best people much faster.

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“Excellent, a great tool and a time saver especially with bulk recruitment! The system is really easy to use from a recruiter and candidate perspective with the personal insight/ areas for development my favourite and most valued tool. The Candidate Report comes back very quickly with really valuable information and deep insights which assist with the selection process.”

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“Bear with me – raving fan inbound! I love, love, LOVE the breadth and depth of this AI screening tool! To name a few: – PH has increased our process efficiency, reducing the time impact on candidates; with decreased number of stages and engaging technology generating faster results, supporting quicker decisions and faster outcomes for all parties. This has resulted in stronger candidate engagement across the hiring process. Candidates have told us they are delighted to receive such insights so early on, which is so hard to achieve in high volume campaigns! It’s a real brand point of difference we’re benefiting from!.”

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