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Why an interview by chat works

Language is how we communicate, a truly human skill that defines who we are. People express through text every single day ‚Äď it‚Äôs familiar and comfortable.

All candidates are interviewed by a chat experience that is easy, fun and engaging. Every word, phrase, syntax, tone, definition and context is added to our machine.

This is important because these words and this language is the basis of our science РPredictiveHire’s Ai (Phai).

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Words paint the picture

Words are data. Patterns are derived from the free-text answers that candidates give in response to 5~7 questions. They tell their own story in their own words.

More than than just simple keyword matching this frontier technology reads, deciphers, understands and makes sense of answers.

Through the advances in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) multi-dimensional features emerge with oodles of insights. These include the HEXACO personality assessment profile, role-based attributes, behavioural traits, communication skills and more.

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Interviewing thousands of candidates every week, Phai has more experience than a human recruiter will ever achieve in a lifetime.

PredictiveHire’s Ai uses a unique blend of Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Personality Theory to assess and rank candidates based on the text answers they give to a set of open-ended questions.

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Phai learns and gets smarter

The machine has an inherent ability to learn. This makes it distinct from psychometric assessments.

Unlike traditional psychometric assessments which are based on a static success profile of norm data, machine learning is dynamic. This matters because people are complex and performance is not the same across all contexts. Some people may wane in one business culture yet thrive in others.

Phai continuously learns about YOUR organisation from the compounding results of candidate performance. This data shapes, evolves and refines your success profile against which your candidates are assessed.

Based on science. Built for humans.

Advancing Ai to solve frontier HR problems.

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