LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

Really interesting especially the part taking time for myself so I can support myself and others emotionally. Thanks so much for the insight it’s greatly appreciated

I found this helpful as it gave me an insight into my strengths and weaknesses and gave me useful tips and information.

I found this extremely useful thank you very much

It was useful to me because it explains on what Briefly on what I do

This is a good way of finding a about people's personality.

I found the information provided very interesting and useful.thank you

Yes I did , thank you for helping me understand myself better , and giving me the insight of the way I view things and do things , I feel different and uniquely made ..thank you!😊

This experience has made me more aware of myself & I quite like the way you made me feel, thank you

Nobody has ever taken the time to give me feedback like that and i really appreciate it

It was incredible to receive feedback this early in the recruitment process. Seeing my strengths and weaknesses and given recommendations on development for the future, based on my pre-interview answers is something I have never seen before, and was super super cool. As someone who works in the recruitment space currently, this would be an amazing tool to use with graduates and students

I found it very useful and encouraging

yes excellent 😊😊😊

Quite accurate. Now find me a suitable, high paying position.

Adapt to change in an ever changing world & welcome new opportunites as they come along.

Dear Sir or Madam, Thank you for your advice and I appreciate it. I will take the advice to adjust my style and behaviour. I think my previous answer is unclear about changing something in the workplace. I understand that some people like a new change, but others do not like that. Before doing and changing something, I tell them what I think about the situation and what I will change. My changing is based on the routine work that makes them easy to do it and to feel comfortable in their work. If they are happy then I do so, but if not, I stop and don’t mention it again. For example: As previously mentioned in studying business in TAFE, our teacher asked us who had an idea how to fix that circumstance and then I did volunteer to change a spreadsheet. The old spreadsheet was unclear as putting selling and return damaged goods and prices together and no showing uncertain customer who bought or returned good and sometimes was missing figures - like inventory (as 1+1-1...) and total. The changed spreadsheet was exactly same the old one but was divided in small parts. I had not studied in Accounting before, so I just set up a simple spreadsheet- like customer name, product name (2 columns as buy and damaged good), price and total. I set up formulas which would be automatically to give a result outcomes. Then, I showed everyone how my spreadsheet worked. If they were willing to do, I would show them how to do it. But if not, I kept quiet and wouldn’t mention that. When you mentioned about repetition, routine and following a defined process, I agree that because each company has a different culture and system. When I work in a company, I must follow the company’ culture and system because if I change it, that makes difficult for others and will affect my future career. For example: As previously worked in a company in Vietnam, the company used an old computer system that made difficulty reviewing numbers and traditional processed the work. The first couple

I found this useful because it gave me some insight into my own personality. and the interview system.

This is such a significant summary for me, Thank-you so much for the advice.

I found the coaching tip very helpful. Allows further scope of improvement, thank you.

It Made me understand even more the kind of person I am, thank you

I found this useful as I can look at my strengths and weaknesses and learn from them and improve myself.

I found this useful as it allowed me to reflect on the ways people see me and I present my self as. Thank you for taking the time to allow read this feedback.

helps to summarise ones personality in a more simple way.

Really useful information and a good tip on holding your ground. Thank you...

Didn't find it useful but did find it interesting in terms of accuracy. However, I am concerned that this method of analyzing someones personality can lead to discrimination in job search efforts.

It offers some clarity as to why and how people may have perceived me

Insights are great and acute plus i ground the Coaching Tips will be useful in the future. Thanks

I found it a remarkably accurate assessment and very good to know that my thoughts about myself are echoed in your results. I'm inclined not to agree totally with insight 3. I do not feel that not wishing for too much socialization with my wormates would impede my ability to become productive quickly. Watch this space. Your response has a multitude of future uses thank you.

Lots of my work time I have been a technician so most of this is very close to who I am. I love varied work and I also have sorted out lots of technical problems in the past. I am honest and open minded and sometimes can read people between the lines, like sometimes I go off gut feelings.

It is very encouraging insights. Thank you so much for it, really useful.

I enjoy the way Iceland has shown that they are really interested in their employees and who and what their next employees will be like.

I found the insights and reflection to be very useful and accurate. Next time I feel my anxieties telling me to back off from something I'd like to do, I'll definitely be taking action and talking it out to help accomplish my goals.

ive never had my information analised like this before and find it amazing the results have said.

Very useful. Thank you

This was very useful thank you. It has made me understand what I could do more often to be able to reach my full potential

Very interesting to be given a reflective view on yourself and with such positive feedback

I am interested in being the best version of me. Exploring this advice was an interesting add on to an application form.

I found it very helpful and will use those coaching skills that you suggest

It’s great to get some feedback and the coaching tips are really helpful.

I found it usefull because it solidifies what I already been told before to do.

The response I got was in no way truly accurate much like every other personality test, and does not represent the people taking such test.

I think the feedback that was given to me was pretty right, which made me feel way better about myself.

My God😊sounds like I wrote it. Thank you for teaching me something about myself. Your feedback will help me upgrade my CV and prepare for an interview. Thank you again

You have highlighted my postive skills and I am so much motivated after having a look at them

Thank you for your insights, I will make sure to improve and strive for better

I am a very self-reliant person and I am glad to see that this was seen in the interview. Also, the feedback has allowed me to understand that I should 'build the muscle of saying no', which I avoid constantly. But now, I am definitely going to consider this. Thank you.

I didn’t agree with all that was said in the first three. It didn’t represent me at all to be honest what was said in those first 3. I am open minded. I don’t act before I have all the details and I work well as a team. I am quite happy to talk to people and give my opinions.

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