In the last ten years, data and artificial intelligence has helped deliver Siri, Netflix, Spotify Playlists and countless other intuitive tools. All of these systems are based on data that’s geared towards helping the end user. Which is exactly what we do.

Blend data with behavioural science and take predicting performance to the next level.


We use artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to build our models. The AI consists of a neural network that identifies what drives performance in your organisation based on the data we collect from you.

We build our algorithms to achieve very accurate predictions from the start, and the model improves over time through machine learning. Additionally, we use validated behavioural science when developing our algorithms.

We trust data

Psychological assessments have long been used to identify ‘hidden talent’ or ‘potential’ in people with limited work experience.

Whilst these traditional assessments have reduced the hiring and promotional error rates, they take time to analyse, are costly, and are built off competencies inherently imbued with bias. They often lead to an underwhelming experience for the candidate.

We work closely with the recruiter or hiring manager to drill down into the qualities of a high performer, and then structure a bespoke application process to search for this. We understand one set of questions will deliver very different predictive models, depending on the role and the organisation.

Like all AI, our system improves with data, learning what kind of hires drive results for your business, and then automatically begins to look for this with future applications. No other system on the market provides this level of granular detail when applying performance data to the hiring process.

Ultimately, the more applicants that apply, the better it gets in identifying which ones best match employers’ requirements. And the longer you leverage our system, the more effective it gets.

We trust science

While data is used to predict the future performance of a candidate, rather than the other way around, our platform relies on science and removes the guesswork from employment.

We help identify your high performers using a variety of objective performance measures including productivity metrics, sales metrics, turnover data, net promoter score – any data that you use to measure the performance of your people.

We draw on science to study your current top performing employees to identify the qualities which help them perform on the job. This data is then used to construct a survey for your candidates which seeks to hone in on prospects with these same traits.

The process is as rigorous as a standard psychological assessment, and as it is only examining character, leaves no room for bias. The questions are framed in a manner that is relevant to the role and easy to understand, engaging candidates with the hiring process.

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