LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

I have come to the same conclusion about my next step to improvement so that I can become a team leader one day.

I found it useful to identify my strengths I didn’t even realise I had and my weaknesses I can work on to improve on.

It is intresting to know more about my strengths and passion

Very helpful and insightful

This has helped me understand the positive and negative aspects of myself and will help me to improve myself going into the working world.

Help to prepare for an interview. Shows my strengths and weakness.

I found your advice very helpful

This was really good as it helped me see the good things about me and the not so good so I could improve on them.

It was very interesting to see what you thought of me just from the answers I gave, I have always been able to do face to face interviews and was wondering how the questions were going to help you to get to know me, it was very good.

This helped me understand what I need to work on to be the best I can be.

I found this very useful as I not only got to see more of an insight into myself and my strengths as well as what i could work on improving

Wow, spot on. I do need to practice more self-compassion.

I found this really useful cause I could see of how I can make things better for myself and a work environment

I think the Personality results were fairly spot on. Thank you.

A great new way of applying to a job.

Made me thinks of how I’ve grown as a person and where I can improve myself to be better

Brilliant 👍🏻 this has made me more aware in my daily tasks and to achieve the best in what I can do

It was great to get some feedback on my personality. I enjoy constructive criticism as it gives me opportunities to grow as a person.

Thank You for your feedback. I will improve all the things mentioned on my feedback.

This is very informative, the whole process is positive and professional.

That describes me perfectly! Thank you.

It will help me prepare for future interviews.

Thank you for your feedback and it is interesting to read the outcome and will take note of observations.

It’s given me a better understanding on the type of person I am and the job role that would suit me

I am so impressed it's like you personally know me .

The feedback I receive from you guys after the predictive hire questionnaire that I took recently, is to the point and perfect. I really don't understand how were you guys so perfect in understanding my personality trait. That's a really amazing job and I really appreciate your work. The coaching tip section was really one of my fears that I fail to face. I hope that I could follow on the tips you provided.

I find to be insightful and also reassuring. The coach tip provided me with constructive advice.

Thanks for the feedback. I believe reflection is vital.

Nice. I think pretty accurate

Yes. It gave me positive insight on how to better myself. Thank you.

Thank you it’s very nice to see how people portray you and I am looking for a new career and meeting people

Seems fairly accurate. Not often I get advice to help improve myself but I am always open to positive feedback and its much appreciated and gives me something to work on.

I found this useful to know more about myself . I never had thought about my inner self I know I have a strong personality this helped me to be successful in life Thank you for your survey:)

I found this very help. It boosts my cofordent in myself and how others see me but also shows me what I need to work on and how I can achieve this.

That was a very good feedback and I have known where I should improve and also known about myself.

You where pretty spot on in your assessment of me

It wasn’t all positive, which is really good, I appreciate constructive criticism

This gave me a good personal insight.

This was very useful. I think it was quite accurate, accompanied with useful tips which will help develop myself.

I never been described so fully like this from people's met colleagues or friends and I totally agree on what I've been told continously satisfied

Helps me to learn more about myself and see what others are likely to think about my personality.

I found this really useful it helped explaining my good points and all views of my interview, it’s really good feedback for people applying for jobs.

I found this very useful because now I full idea of what kind of a person I am and what I need to work on as an individual.

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Easy to interview everyone when AI does it for you

Tap into a wider pool of talent and give everyone a fair and equal chance of success through a fast and easy chat.

Enhance candidate trust by:

  • Engaging candidates on platforms they use every day
  • Asking a few simple and relatable questions that everyone can understand
  • Removing the pressure with an untimed interview that can be done anywhere anytime
Easy to interview
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Make a difference to every candidate

Candidates crave feedback and growth. Drawing on smart personality science, every candidate receives personalised feedback and coaching.

Relatable. Explainable. Familiar.

  • No confronting videos, un-relatable games or lengthy quizzes
  • Completion rates of 90%+
  • Increases win rates for talent
  • Amplifies trust in your employer brand


Predictive intelligence to guide faster talent decisions

Get to the best talent faster without wasting time on CV and phone screening

Every candidate is:

  • Interviewed by PHAI in text chat
  • Assessed for values, traits, personality and more
  • Scored and ranked
  • Benchmarked against the market
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Match to your most important traits and values

View candidate insight reports which show ‘fit’ to what matters the most for your organisation. Traits. Values. Communication skills.

Go long on performance

  • Candidates benchmarked to the best
  • Personality profiling
  • Data-driven follow on interview questions


Remote interviewing made fast and easy

Say goodbye to the manual tasks of planning interviews and time-consuming calibration conversations. Give your hiring managers access to an intuitive interview platform which guides them on the questions to ask and makes scoring and note taking easy.

  • Select interview questions & activities or add your own
  • In-built guidance on scoring to minimise bias
  • Built-in intelligence to deliver calibration
  • Note-taking made easy – no more paper or spreadsheets
  • Candidates stack ranked for you making calibration fast and fairer!
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Interactive dashboards allow real-time insights

Get closer to your candidate’s experience, view candidate quality by role, discover where the bias risks may lie and keep track of savings.

Discover hidden gems.

  • Visibility of candidate feedback
  • Hiring outcomes by gender and race
  • Quality of candidate pool by role and geography

The added benefits of PredictiveHire Solutions

All candidate interviewed by our AI

All candidates
interviewed by our AI

Saves you time.
No one misses out.

Automatedcandidate feedback

candidate feedback

We feedback for you.
Applicants feel valued.

No bias screening


No CVs or personal data is used.
Everyone gets a fair go.

Real timerecommendations


Instant scoring so you know
who to contact first.



Insights on every applicant.
Helpful questions for follow up.

Quality and biastracking

Quality and bias

See where the bias
is occurring and manage
quality of hiring real-time.

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Integrates with your favourite software

You already have an ATS or recruitment system.
We get it, that’s why we fully integrate into your systems for a seamless end-to-end hiring process.


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