Success Stories

RED SAP Solutions

Europe’s leading SAP recruitment specialist

  • RED needed to identify high performers from very diverse backgrounds.
  • The company also needed to avoid bias, subjectivity and candidate ‘gaming’ when making decisions.
  • RED needed a solution tailored specifically to its company profile.
  • RED created a unique model from its company data. It can now predict how well a candidate might perform with 90% accuracy, and its results continue to improve.
  • PredictiveHire is the ‘nightclub doorman’ for access to RED’s UK graduate programs. Blind recruitment identifies candidates with a high likelihood of strong performance.
PredictiveHire uses the performance of people at RED to predict the likely performance of new people. That’s exactly what we were looking for
Matt Edmonds
HR Director
Simply Business

UK’s largest online business insurance broker

  • Simply Business is a Sunday Times ‘Best Place to Work’ award winner with ambitious growth plans. The company needs strong performers who will stay long term.
  • Because it’s a desirable place to work, Simply Business has a large pool of candidates, but this makes it difficult to choose well.
  • To that end, Simply Business sought a data-driven solution.
  • Our team helped Simply Business build a unique data model that can predict high-performing candidates with 85% accuracy. The data model’s accuracy is continuing to improve.
  • By creating this unique data model, we’ve made the Simply Business hiring process much less risky than before.
Going under headcount is a significant threat to business growth; therefore lowering attrition in a company such as this delivers significant cost savings.
David Summers

Talent management and recruitment services

  • Rethink needed to identify people who would stay with the business beyond the steep first-year learning curve.
  • Rethink also needed to convince hiring managers to embrace a data-driven hiring solution.
  • PredictiveHire correctly predicted the 75% of new hires who would leave the business before their first year was over – they left the business within the first six months.
  • With borderline candidate predictions, managers were prompted to be even more rigorous in the interviewing process.
  • Because of the turnover, hiring managers have seen the power of a data-driven solution. Now, they choose not to proceed with candidates who have a low prediction score.
If you hire one great person because of PredictiveHire and you don’t hire one bad person, it’s paid for itself. Why would you not risk that?
Andy Lord
Founder and CEO

Success in the Making

We are seeing significant shifts in data-driven HR now. Businesses use data to understand customers - why not employees?
David Summers
Simply Business