LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

Constructive instruction is always good. I like to think I'm open to advise if it's going to help me improve myself.

It’s always good to get feedback from companies with an understanding of how they work

It is always interesting to know what conclusions people draw about you from your comments. I think the summaries are very accurate and will make me think!

All coaching is beneficial and helps a person see themselves from an outside point of view

It’s always helpful, to have others insight on how you are perceived, with an op for improvement.!

First time I've ever been given genuine constructive ideas on how to deal with situations to help me. Very impressed

I had to read it a few times to understand and appreciate. Very interesting to read about me from a different perspective by the answers I gave. Thank you.0

It gives me areas for improvement and adjustment in life and work balance THANKS SO MUCH 🥰♥️👍

Yes, it is very useful for me in very ways. I always put my point of view in front of others and through this, I get to know more ideas from others as a learner. Innovation is always a key to success.

All the responses to my answers are pretty accurate and im genuinely amazed. The only thing wrong would be the statement about how i am not a social butterfly when i really am, but obviously within the workplace that wouldn’t be the case. Overall this is a great stress free way to digital interview someone !

Yes these are very useful

That pretty well sums me up. Always good to hear feedback.

I'm very happy that you describe me the way .I'm

I am enlighten about my own attributes it boost myself to continue things like that.

I found this quite helpful and I agree with it but what I know is I can work on a few things which is alright since having weaknesses is apart of being human.

Very helpful

Thanks. That was really helpful.

I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve and am happy to participate in any social event that is held.I try not to be judgemental about anything and am happy to go with the flow.My children have taught me that.

I found this useful because it allowed me to identify a rough insight of my identity and what I am like in the workplace and outside

It clearly explained my personality traits and great insight

This was so useful. It showed me personal skills I hold and areas I needs to work on. This has been the most helpful experience and these questionnaires are so great. Thank you so more ch.

I do find this useful. It's always great to get some constructive feedback that I can use to better myself.

It was good being able to read over how I came across in the interview. It’s also good being able to see myself described in different words. The only issue is myself and many others consider myself as a “social-butterfly” whereas on the feed back it stated I wouldn’t be considered that.

This was a very accurate description of myself and like how it was written.

Very good application process easy clear and straightforward

I found this reflection very useful as it summarises the person who I am.

Yes I found this useful, the personality results are accurate and it helps me to know myself better. Also the coaching tip allows me to think about how I can contribute to the group in a better way.

It is interesting. Thank you :)

This helped me understand myself and my self confidence and to hear someone else’s views on me will definitely help me understand more about how to act around others

thank you for your feedback. much appreciated, your feedback shows me that i'm always doing my best, and to me that is what is most important

I know myself even better!

it helped me to realise and accept who i may be as a person

I think it is useful to understand more about how I "operate"! Thank you.

Nice to know how I have come over in a virtual interview, and may I say the results are 90% correct Thank you for allowing me to do the interview

Interesting to see the qualities I feel I possess show through.

very true

Wow. The accuracy within each insight was very spot on. Now regarding the coaching tip , I find that very helpful and for once in my life I can honestly say I'm motivated to take the advice given to me. Not often will I relate or be inspired by some one elses advice and/or opinions, but I believe you guys have definitely gotten on my level with a form of language I can familiarise to. Thank you so much with much appreciation.

It was so spot on. I was amazed you can tell so much about someone from the questions and answers

I found the feedback useful it sums up part of my personality. The negative feedback is great to receive followed with strategies to improve great idea for participants.

really accurate and constructive. thank you :)

It is always interesting how a set of responses to a questionnaire like this one are analysed. I enjoyed reading the feedback, although I believe the comment in Insight 3 about me being reserved and that it takes a long time to get to know me are not really correct. I will say that it is true that I do try to keep my private life separate from your work life, however, I am not a reluctant participant in social events at work as is suggested. I love social interaction.

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