LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

Yes it was very insightful and quite accurate indeed.

This has made me more self aware of my personality strengths and areas of growth. Fantastic!

I found this useful as from the information that I told you, and my writing, gave you a deep understanding of who I am as a person in just 6 general questions.

Thank you for the personality profiling, so i understand more about myself on strengths and weaknesses. This will help me with my next job.

It was useful to know my areas of weakness but I would have liked to know how I came across these certain ways within my interview to try to understand better

It sounds like me in some regards but not in two areas; 1. I don't over analyse all decisions it really depends how material they are and how many people they will affect - the more material the more I will consider the decision 2. I actually do like to experiment with things to see if I can get a better result/ higher level of success from this 3. I don't work in as ordered a manner as you have stated

Good to hear the perspective of someone elses opinion, I have taken the comments on board

The coaching tip was useful in the way that I can apply it to my everyday life and aren’t too extreme so I can actually use them.

This was really good as it helped me see the good things about me and the not so good so I could improve on them.

It was 10/10 to my work commitment and lovely to read 😀

Always useful to get advice on things that may improve my character and be helpful in the future. !!

I found this useful because now I know my strong points and I’ll work on my weak points!

I found this feedback useful it pretty much tells me what I am capable If with just giving one example. The characteristics are spot on and I know that I can identify myself and who I am around others from the feedback I was given. Also it was useful for me to use this tool in a way where I could strategise what this platform can provide for my needs whether it be finding a job, executing my strengths etc. Amazing way to help myself.

Thank you for the feedback. I have not had the opportunity to do something like this very much at all so it was very informative.

Thanks for your insight. I agree with the majority of your findings and I found it quite enlightening.

This has been very useful as firstly it is rare to get feedback from an interview and secondly I found your analyvery accurate.

Receiving feedback has a positive impact in the individual as well as the organisation as I believe it leads to a better equipped workforce. To understand and know where my strengths lie and the areas in which they need to improve lead to constructive personal improvement.

Iv'e not had a personality profile done on me before, I found it very interesting. Insight 1: Couldn't agree more. Insight 2: Very true. Insight 3: Good observation. Insight 4: Quiet right. Insight 5: I had to look this one up and I agree now I know the definition. Insight 6: This also is very true. Thank you.

the results are extremely accurate reading it, i felt like i wrote it. Helped me focus on certain personality traits, Very happy.

It was a very in-depth analysis on my personailty, which is useful for me when applying for any other future jobs.

Not really. Most of it is spot on. Thank you

Could you please tell me if I’m eligible for an interview?

Thanks for the feedback. I agree with most, but do not feel like I overshare. I feel that I am a good listener, and am still working on this. Most group discussions I have are mostly me listening to others.

I had a great experience while taking the interview,I said a lot about how I handle situations in a professional space and in return I learnt a lot about my positive behavior through this interview feedback,I now know my areas of strengths and weaknesses and how i can balance the two,also i also know how both play an important role in my career

Nice. I think pretty accurate

As it tells you about yourself but from someone who doesn't know you and how they see you. Also it gives you tips on how to improve on your self.

It’s always good to learn more about yourself and what makes you tick You can then improve on your weaknesses and strengths It will therefore make you a better person and employee

Good feedback to review and have self reflection

This was very useful as I get a different perspective of how I come across.

Most jobs don’t give these result a I’m very please with some feedback !

It’s good to know what others think of you from what you have written about yourself.

i appreciate the points highlighted and take the advice on board. ihope to hear back from you soon regarding the job oppertunity. Many thanks. Zaren

I love the response I got . This so encouraging and defiantly a place to work and grow a career. Such work environments are needed for the company betterment and achieving excellent results.

It is 100% me in a work space thank you for the coaching that really helps even in future i will not doubt myself

It was good getting feed back from someone else, can help me to unstand and grow.

Thank you so much, it was great to get the feedback and you nailed it in regards to the person i am. I love the idea of the tip at the bottom of the page. It puts out good vibes

Your feedback on my interview toknow who I am was very impressive,you gave 90% of who exactly I am ,and I did exactly let be the advice on our I should have a certain self compassion ,thanks for the tips I received from you

Helping me find my pros and cons

I found it very shocking as it was quite accurate , it was lovely knowing a second party’s opinion

It told me parts on which I could improve on.

I felt it hit the nail on the head. It gave me confidence in the process.

Thanks for the feed back , now i have an idea of what i need to work on to be better.

Most of the assumptions made from this questionnaire are valid and correct. Only a few of them were invalid which is okay. How amazing that technology can do such a thing nowadays!

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