LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

It is always beneficial to hear how you are perceived and to take on board the advice of others. Thank you for the helpful insights. Cheers Julie

I am surprised how accurately you were able to discover particular things about my personality that I may not have even been so passionately aware of. That’s so amazing.

I don't exactly have a lot to respond with, but I would like to say that I think that your insights about me are close to be spot on and I really appreciate the feedback too.

We all have an image of ourselves. Your comments reaffirm such an image or not. It is important how other people see us in order to modify our behaviour or maintain it depending on our perception agreeing or not with your assessment.

This gives me more of an insight of myself. It will also help me to understand myself better and how to deal with situations.

The confidence I took from the feedback is invaluable, thank you so much!

This is the first positive feedback I've ever gotten on my job search, thankyou so much <3

This helped as I have received feedback on what another individual thinks of me thank you.

its give good personality reading without the need to be present

I didn’t think it was useful at all as I am the most suitable candidate for the role as I have worked in retail and know how to work in the role, you have said no to not taking me on and made a predictive definition of me which isn’t true

I think this is very useful and will take it on board and adapt accordingly

This feedback is positive and constructive. It will help with further work and personal experience.

I have found this useful, you guys are definitely on to me. I have known this about myself , however never would have tought anyone else would have. I can definitely use this information in a face to face interview, and I do hope that I fit the profile for a position with Bunnings. Thankyou Regards Joe

Helped me understand myself and accept my flaws. Adapt better in a different environment. Furthermore, it may benefit men when applying to higher roles.

This was useful to help me learn how to grow in the job and as a person.

I found your feedback to be really honest and it more or less describes me to the t. I already shop at Iceland but just wondering if I was successful

Explains where i can improve

They say there areas that people may see but you don't see, I see but others don't see and maybe I don't see and others don't see. Opinions may be true or maybe not a fact , we indulge in subjective living however, we can advantage of others opinion if you believe in its relevance to muster confidence and develop strength particularly in the weak areas of personality. In strength there is growth and growth means productivity and productivity leads to success. There are weak spots and often you need others to help you , motivate you and maybe guide you for a healthier being as a part of a successful team.

Because it has gave m more encouragement

The questionnaire was a great opportunity to reflect on how I operate in certain situations, the feedback was targeted and accurate, giving me an insight into my personality

Very interesting to see personality results.

Very interesting analogy of my personality. Quite accurate in many ways...

Very rarely in employment opportunities will there be any sort of feedback other than you did or didn't get the job. The "WHY" is rarely known. Therefore, the feedback that you have provided is almost unique, but is certainly much appreciated. Keep it up. There are many others with the same opinion as me.

This was a great read, and also very much applied to me!

I found this very insightful and also very true in some respects

It's a good judge of character.

some parts rang true others were completely inaccurate - sorry

Very positive and informative. A good tool to reflect upon ones achievements and abilities ✅

This was such a cool process to be a part of as it’s not often you get the chance to reflect on yourself whilst also getting tips and insights about yourself in an interview! I loved being involved

Feel very confident in myself hoping to get employment due to i want to get back in the work force

I found the insight that you have told about myself very useful because I fully understand the kind of person I am towards people in a workplace..and how I adapt my in a workplace with a team...and helping each other

I enjoyed reading the insights as I made me think about myself as a person.

It has pointed out my strengths which made me more confident and my weaknesses which means I can improve and become the best person I can be to provide the best service.

That was true and I think good thing to know about myself. After all I am not a very bad person. I will find a Job eventually and life goes on but what matter is being a better human in the society. I feel proud of myself. Thank you for that. I really appreciate that.

Well this has given me a little more confidence that I can express myself well

This will help me give insight in ways to continuously strive to be a better person.

To be open minded and always stay focus. Respect Yourself & Others. Be Flexible.

I think these reflections accurately reflect how I view myself. I found this useful because no one has summed me up like this before and it was nice to read.

It made me trust and believe in myself even more and to never underestimate my abilities

I did find the useful because it makes me and I am sure other people that they won’t be judges

I enjoyed getting feedback from you as I always want to better myself. I will work on what you have told me and perfect it, to a point where it will help me on a day to day basis.

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