LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

Constructive instruction is always good. I like to think I'm open to advise if it's going to help me improve myself.

An interesting review on my personality, it points out a couple of points about me that I haven't realised and have taken board..

I found this useful, as we all have preconceptions of our own personality and to get the opinion of others enables you to reflect and adjust accordingly - thank you

This was very eye-opening and has made me reflect on myself. I will definitely consider the tips on improving myself further.

A most intriguing and fascinating insight, thanks for the excellent feed back.

The better you know our key attributes as a candidate, the better approach to match Needs and expectations Will be ūü§ěThank you

Hi there, Read and understood. When in a situation where there's a task at hand, igenerally rather than talk, I like to hear everyone's feedback. If I am placed in a position of management, I will outline a goal. And listen. Thank you for the feedback. Regards, Georgina laffey.

Thank you for the results it is very helpful and inspiring. It's not always that I look deep into my personality but reading this made me say Yes that is so me. I appreciate it and thank you for the reminder and guidance for where I should set up

Thank you for the analysis because the insights are correct. The coaching tip will come in handy especially the part about clarifying questions, because at times I tend to think I know what the other person thinks whereas I don't.

Generallyt I found the comments to be true although I do like to give my opinion/point of view

It's useful to learn what your strengths and weaknesses are. It helps you play to one and work on the others

I will take on board the suggestions, very clever software.

I find it useful because the things mentioned about me mostly are true and some I wasn't even aware of. I will definitely take everything mentioned to mind and build myself up on it. Thank you

Found it very helpful to know what was gained for the answers that I gave. Very insightful

It will help me being comfortable with asking for help and to be open to new things

Thanks! It was very useful because I really can reflect myself in most of it!

The analysis was amazing and almost 100% spot on. I relate to every comment made and the things to think about are, on reflection, actually things I should work on. Thank you very much for the opportunity to participate and learn a little more about myself.

When I first got my review, I kind of thought it was a critique against what I wanted to do, but the when re reading it, I felt that you were giving me a compliment , but I think I really enjoy being evaluated by words then mouth , i would not mind trying it again for other options, but I think I need to patient in answering.

Wow... I wasn't expecting feedback but I'd say you are pretty spot on with most of it! Highlights what I already know but has made me think about actively making positive changes to the way I work sometimes.

It was really useful for answers for a interview

It good to know and learn .

I found this very useful it did say alot about me and I could recognise it in the way I work and come across to other people.

Yes thank you I'm forever greatful for the tip I'll use it daily and for future.

Very good constructive feedback, personalised to me. The coaching tips were great and gave me exact areas to improve on with tips to assist with my progress towards them.

All feedback is useful in development, so I'm extremely grateful for it, thank you!

Well articulated responses with good hints for reflection.

I enjoy the way Iceland has shown that they are really interested in their employees and who and what their next employees will be like.

It has given me more insight as to work in a team and share my ideas and obviously has others opinions

Sometimes i can be a little weary of what people think of me; but i am always learning each and every day by interacting with different people around me. Learn from others and by getting in to do things myself. Thanks for the further advice to improve; learn from all and point taken.

I Like the Immediate feedback and how it was so accurate.

My Personality Result is very helpful.It gives me self awareness and self satisfaction because people see me for myself and my abilities helping me to improve and gain more self confidence.

It is helpful with regards the specs that i have never new and also my capabilities and how to weigh myself in a workplace

I found the insights reallyy spot on. I do need to not think my opinion is best and listen to others more

Insights were great

I loved the interview question and your reply made me more aware of my strengths and areas of growth

Learn new things everyday which is nice to know

This was useful as I now have a goal to work towards while knowing my strengths

This information boosted my self esteem and makes me more confident to go into a working environment.

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