01 Feb 2022

COVID career anxiety is creating biases in your hiring – here’s how you remove them

We know that the global pandemic has caused a disruption in global workforces. Much has already been said about the Great Resignation, and how it has morphed into the Great…

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16 Dec 2020

Deterring age discrimination … count those mature hires ‘in’!

To find out how to interpret bias in recruitment, we also have a great eBook on inclusive hiring. Once upon a time … we were all happily employed and worked…

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08 Sep 2020

Meet Phai: the algorithm that seeks to prevent discrimination and predict job-hopping

In an ideal world, the hiring process is discrimination-free and those who are hired stick with whatever company hires them for a long time. Sadly, neither notion holds particularly true.…

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05 Feb 2020

Diversity hiring – the solution is in data patterns

AI helps you discover the right patterns without bias. Good pattern recognition allows you to make better decisions, short-circuit lengthy processes, avoid mistakes, and better understand risks. But it has…

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