LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

Because it’s built my confidence because I now know what people would think of me.

I think this describes me perfectly as well as give me a good idea of how to improve myself and my work experience

I found this to be rather interesting and learned an interesting view on myself from the personality feedback

Thanks for the reply and report Quiet interesting and pretty accurate

Good day, found this useful because some of the things highlighted i didn't know, in terms of insight 2 that routine jobs ain't for me i would like to disagree on that but i respect your point of view, Thank you

It’s let you know about yourself and the company thanks you

It gave me insights of myself and aspects to improve.

The 50-150 word count made me think what I want to say.

Honestly I can improve my personality with those factors. With that fact, I can work more confidently with the team.

It makes me want to reach my full potential even if that means that I have to work my way up .

It’s always good to get an outside perspective.

It has given me the confidence to differ for the best

Yes I found it useful as it's a guide for future when job hunting and your insight perfectly matches me

It’s always good to get feedback from companies with an understanding of how they work

It’s just good for a daily read it’s something positive and makes you wonder.

Yes this is accurate . Thank you

Hello I thought it gave me things I could sharpen up on and it’s also nice to get something like this back sometimes

it helped me understand the job role better

What a lovely summarise of my personality, thank you!

This was very interesting and pretty much summed up my personality. However, I am always open to other opinions and willing to here them out and will often adjust my opinions if I feel they are correct.

Very useful to know how others see me and makes me want to improve and learn new things

This is very useful as I sometimes struggle to think on the spot when it comes to being asked questions about myself, the insights seem pretty much almost accurate so these could help me to answer questions about myself in the future

Thank you i found this information very helpful and i feel more confident also

As it tells you about yourself but from someone who doesn't know you and how they see you. Also it gives you tips on how to improve on your self.

Because everything that was said here about me is true and I agree with the couching tip

Thank you for giving me a chance to understand and know myself. I could realize my weakness from your insights and it would really help me to cope with my weakness. Thank you.

I found this extremely useful as it's mainly accurate, as I do agree I dont always take care of myself as I think it would be displeasing to others, and I do everything in my power to make sure their queries or issues have been resolved

Yes very insightful

This analysis is actually shows my personality and help me to increase my productivity at workplace.

It was great to read on how I was perceived by others.

I am blown away at how accurate this is. It figured me out down to a tee. This was very successful.

Hi team this is the first time I have in my whole working life had to do a test like this thanks for the opportunity

It made me look from another perspective. I look forward to meeting you. Thanks.

I never been described so fully like this from people's met colleagues or friends and I totally agree on what I've been told continously satisfied

Absolutely! This also gives me a good insight from another perspective which is great. Always welcome contructive criticism and so any way to improve is always a bonus.

I found this useful because I can use this information as a tool to improve on areas that will help me grow.

This was very helpful and useful as it taught me more about myself

Some of the insights were really good about myself and put into better understanding, it was interesting to read what you took away from my answers.

Very helpful. It is so true and backs up what I think and how others have told me I am or what I need to try.

I thought the majority of conclusions were spot - on and welcome your advices Thanks wilk take onboard!

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