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05 Jun 2020

Will COVID-19 be the bias interrupter we need so badly in hiring?  

The rise in video platforms for hiring suggests we still have as strong a ‘bias’ towards having to see someone to hire someone, as there has been with having to…

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08 Apr 2020

Graduate recruitment during COVID-19 – what’s different?

Article 1 of 2 | Recruitment is still fundamentally human activity The job seeker is a human being who at some point in the process wants to talk to another…

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11 Mar 2020

What is one big job HR is hired to do?  Manage Risk

Two recent events have brought HR back to their core role – managing risk. In Australia, we have seen large numbers of staff getting underpaid in some sectors, such as…

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10 Mar 2020

What Everyone Knows About Assessment Centres But Won’t Say

Let’s discuss the significant issues that talent acquisition teams face with assessment centres every day. As a solution provider operating in the high-volume recruiting space, we’ve identified seven common assessment…

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28 Feb 2020

Give me data to make me smarter please

Big decisions on ‘gut feel’ It scares me sometimes when I think about the big decisions I’ve made on gut feel and will probably continue to make relying on my…

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28 Feb 2020

The Machine picked the wrong guy

AI used to inform decisions about people I work with a team building a product-driven by AI which is used to inform decisions about people. This means I am often…

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17 Dec 2017

AI will destroy resumes … and that’s a good thing!

It’s a cliché, but nonetheless true, that as time passes all processes become dated. Some might need to be thrown out completely. Many more need to be adjusted and refined…

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15 Oct 2016

Algorithmic Hiring to Improve Social Mobility

It is a widely held belief that diversity brings strength to the workplace through different perspectives and talents. The value is greatest when companies harness the differences between employees from…

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