LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

it really helps me to make my confident level high

It is always interesting to look at how you are perceived, thank you for the feedback.

I found this very useful to reflect on your feedback. A great way to tell people their strengths and weaknesses.

I haven't expected this analysis, so I am really grateful for your insights and suggested actions. I will definitely work with it. Thank you. :)

This was useful because you dont usually get feedback and it gives you a better insight on your strengths and weaknesses.

Not at all, I am very reliable and have ver strong values

It’s has explained me almost perfectly, acutely scary! It’s nice to have a bit of insight it’s not always easy to see how others view you and can help me progress how I act around people and undertake tasks.

Yes it is useful, why, because one should always interact with co-workers, share and listen to different opinions, be patient with what ever opinion from others, keep in touch with others on anything you don't understand, share ideas as well, be gentle and courteous.

Thank you I know I'm not perfect always willing to take on board new things. This will give me things to think about and work on. I am very old school. If I have learnt anything from my years your never to old to learn. Thank you again for your time.

Yes it gave me a reflection on how my on working attributes an how it comes across to the teams point of view.

It is interesting to find out what other people’s thoughts are about yourself

Not hving been involved in an interview for some time I was impressed at the professionalism and prompt feedback.

We often can't see in ourselves, what others can, so thank you.

I really positive and different kind of a Company philosophy. I like it.

As l have had only 3 jobs in the last 30 years I don't think I interview very well but your tips are very helpful as I have never had any feedback before

Very accurate 😀

It was very accurate! I enjoyed reading your insights into my personality

I get to understand myself better

It was a great insight and very accurate! It gives me hope for the future, thanks for the help, much appreciated!

Yes thought it was very interesting

Thank you for your wonderful advice. I feel that I've had a supportive counseling session. You know me so well!!🤗 Yes! My opinion counts and I'm allowed to voice it Without trepidation! Thank you again!

This was exactly what i needed to hear. I am sometimes too tough to myself and we have to first love ourself before loving others and that was what i was struggling with sometimes. Thank you!


Thanks for the feedback,honestly each and every Insight you've sent me has been helping me believe in myself and my capabilities.I feel very confident.

Wow this is amazing and I love how detailed this is. It had helped me to acknowledge my skill set and what I need to reflect on. Thank you

Thank you, I can use this information to take my application for an On line Picker forward.

Wow. Was not expecting this. What a feture in a job process. Yes definatly helpful just in a way it might explain how others see me. Self reflection i feel is a must but to get others opinions with constructive criticism is invaluable

Life is about learning any advice is useful and appreciated.

Yes it was because now I know what I think people also want to know about it maybe they can also learn from me. Also that I must come first if everything because I'm also important.

I completely agree with, I don’t always put my points across or ideas as well as I could. I do hold back. But I’m more self aware and will make progress there.

These insights were pretty accurate! Impressive except for insight 4 that ones a bit off.

I found this very useful because now I can focus on what I need to work on about myself

I found this very useful..the reason being..helped me to open myself..felt confident.

I found this useful in what areas I can improve on

Gives a better understanding of yourself and your attributes

I found it very interesting to see someone's perspective of me, I do aspire to be a leader so will definitely take it under advisement, thank you.

Thank you for the feedback. I think the result is very accurate. I never saw myself as creative but I assume creativity can take on various forms. I also don't believe that my preference in terms of social interactions can affect my productivity, as I am very task focussed and believe in working smarter not harder which contribute to increased productivity.

I thought it was interesting to learn something about me. Did not know it would give me this a good surprise and i like the coaching tip

It was oddly very accurate! Absolutely loved the feedback feature and very curious to know how it works, whether it was analyzed by a human or AI!!!

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