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25 May 2018

Sage Advice: How AI and Smarter Hiring Can Boost Your Business

In case you missed it: The other week, Sage CEO, Stephen Kelly, sat down with PredictiveHire’s Steven John, number 45 on the Sage Top 100 list for 2017, and asked…

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19 Dec 2017

AI makes resumes redundant. Now it’s disrupting your interviews

Previously, I’ve written about how the world of recruitment has evolved. It seems that using AI could consign fantastical or over-optimised resumes to the dustbin of history, along with the…

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17 Dec 2017

AI will destroy resumes … and that’s a good thing!

It’s a cliché, but nonetheless true, that as time passes all processes become dated. Some might need to be thrown out completely. Many more need to be adjusted and refined…

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19 Oct 2017

11 Essential Things to Know About Employee Turnover – Infographic

Do you know how much employee turnover costs your organisation? And how much you could save by improving your retention? Only 28% of organisations can answer ‘Yes’ to these two…

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03 Jul 2017

Why HR should implement predictive hiring – and how to get started

You know the common definition of insanity? The one where the same thing gets done over and over again, but the end result doesn’t change? It might not be a…

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24 May 2017

Avoiding biases and adverse impact in predictive hiring

Part of our job here in the workforce science team is to keep up to date with new research in Organisational Psychology. This might sound boring to some people –…

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07 Apr 2017

Enabling data-driven hiring decisions

The marriage of behavioural science, data science and AI technology The introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies into the world of HR and recruitment is not just an idea anymore,…

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10 Dec 2016

Predictive Analytics: Your resolution will fail, here’s a promise you can keep

When technology is used in the right way it can enhance and improve our lives During this seasonal holiday a great many of us will start to create plans for…

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15 Oct 2016

Algorithmic Hiring to Improve Social Mobility

It is a widely held belief that diversity brings strength to the workplace through different perspectives and talents. The value is greatest when companies harness the differences between employees from…

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03 Jul 2016

Contact Centre recruitment & retention – this will blow your mind!

Imagine being able to dial-up (or down) any chosen metric such as NPS, retention, absenteeism, staff turnover or any performance data point simply through smarter, predictive, data-driven hiring. Predictive Talent…

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