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22 Jan 2021

Four ways that automation is giving candidates a more human experience

New insights from Aptitude Research suggest recruitment automation can play a much greater role in talent acquisition than just improving efficiency for hiring managers, it can also make the interview…

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21 Dec 2020

How recruitment automation is reshaping the future of hiring

Why recruitment automation combined with Ai, has become such a ‘big thing’?  Is your recruitment team swamped by the sheer volume of job applications and CVs? Taking too long to…

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08 Dec 2020

Be the change you wish to see in this world

Are you an HR visionary, a fast follower, a sceptic or even a laggard? How do you want to be remembered in your organisation? 2020 was tough for everyone, but…

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23 Aug 2020

Interview automation: 6 Reasons to Start Your Hiring With Interviews

We’ve relied on interviews for centuries. They are an important step in the selection process.   If done effectively, interviews are a great means of assessing a candidate. We trust them to…

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