LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

I found the response both positive and helpful.

I really appreciate for the feedback you gave me. I am really open to feedbacks and i always take it in a positive way to improve myself. I could see how others felt about me. And yes i will workout on some of the things where i was less inclined such as trust building.

Found this very useful to know how someone else see you and the way I conduct Myself in the way I work as a team member and by myself

seeing the view of how i am in strength sometimes i put myself down but cover it with a different outcome

It is encouraging!

This was very insightful thank you so much.

Great reflective tips!

Yes I did and helps people to work and do the task

While generally I have no real issue with the results, I do feel that given the limited wordage I did not always have the opportunity to fully inform the questionnaire. I have always been available and happy to discuss issues with colleagues and peers, taking into consideration their thoughts and experiences and if relevant adopting a different approach to the job at hand. I have also been able to juggle competing priorities and have worked well within time frames. I would also prefer not to confront a situation but to approach a disagreement or conflict in a manner which would hopefully resolve the situation in a manner where a workable relationship is maintained. Many thanks for the feedback - I will take the tips on board. Kind regards Gabi Taylor

I was a great to have someone else's perspective on me, and it's very correct , I shall take on your advice.

Wow, i'm honestly shocked at the accccuracy of This!!

Isn't useful is great idea thanks 👏👏

I've answered questions like these in interviews before but I don't think I've seen the other side as it were - and based on the replies, all of these sound very much like me.

I found this very useful because it’s my first interview in some years and it gives me a guide line into interviews and what people expect from me .

Very interesting

Will implement the Tips given in near future. Thanks

I think the results are a pretty accurate assessment of my personality

I learnt some information about myself That may help me in the future thank you

I always put the feedback to the positive sides. As the only things that make you successful in life is positivity.

It was very helpful and interesting and I will be using it in future thank you

Because you have put me in a nice light the way I see myself

It's good to know an outside point of view of myself and know what others think

The description given was very accurate and i now know what i need to improve on in and around the workplace.

I appreciated the toys to improve my chances at job prospects in the future. Thank you.

It's helped me with amazing advise and reassured me of my skills and weaknesses

Great feedback and I will take on board for my future interview

I found this useful because I know what I am to people and what I am made of.

Hi, In offering honest answers, it is good to learn the objectives in an appraisal back to one's self. Thank You, Regards, Chris.

How on God’s earth did you extrapolate those conclusions from the answers I gave? This reads like the kind of cold reading that underpins astrology. I presume a human didn’t read my answers, and that they were scanned for certain key words or whatever and then an algorithm picked the analysis. This process speaks to me of a crushingly dystopian nightmare future, in which we tremble at the mercy of an inscrutable AI managed world, barely interacting with other human beings outside of our family and close friends. I feel dehumanised by this process.

I feel this will help me to include my useful traits in further CVs!

Yes and it helps me improve in areas of weakness

I found this brilliant and gave me insight on my personality

This willl allow me to improve myself

it helps you find the right job which you

I like how this helps employers get to know a little bit about the potential employee. It could also help the applicant know what to do in future applications if unsucessful in this one.

Because it was very enjoyable and interesting and I learnt a lot about on line interview.

Yes very useful. It pointed out my strengths and weaknesses. Now I know where to improve on and to make my weakness victorious.

My oline interview went really well , my first time doin an online interview it actually is a brilliant way to do it

I found it useful as it tells me ways I do things and ways I can change things

Quite accurate I would say with useful tips for the future.

Thanks for the feedback , this made me feel happy about the good things I do and also helps me know what I can do better and improve.

Yes it is useful but I found Insight 6 to be totally inconsistent with the other insights and not how I present

It is always useful to hear/read an assessment of yourself provided by others. They often see strengths and faults that you are unaware of. So yes, thank you for your insights.

I appreciates honest remarks and improved my weakness accordingly. Thank you

Thank you for the constructive feedback. Knowing more about my personality traits can assist me to achieve success in my chosen career. I can definitely maintain consistency of my strengths and work on my shortcomings so I can fit into a workplace better and increase my job satisfaction. It is all about adapting and innovating and striving ahead to reach self- actualisation goal. Thank you for your time and effort. I can keep up the journey of my learning and development.

Got to learn about my traits and what I need to do to strengthen myself

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