LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

I found this as a good way to put into words how I feel about my self, its something I can use when describing myself.

The feedback was amazing and I appreciate it.

Just to see how others see me and possible changes I can make to be the best person I can

This was useful because it gave me an insight of how i work towards a job.

I would like the opportunity to be put in a team and learn to pick my confidence up and learn more about the trade and work as a team environment. Be able to help my team and them to help me. I would like this opportunity very much

Thank you for the feedback. I have not had the opportunity to do something like this very much at all so it was very informative.

while the feedback is quite good there are 2 misconceptions 1. In regard to not necessarily focusing on detail, this is incorrect as while I always look at the bigger picture, I am very focused on detail. 2. I haven't always been a good listener or tolerant of those who don't listen however over the last 5 years I have worked on this area of my character by being very involved in team work and stakeholder management

It's always good to get feedback I can take praise or criticism it's nice to see yourself on paper!!

This has me described very well. I was sceptical filling this out, but prepared to risk the feedback being different to my beliefs. How is this information gleaned from my answers? Well, I am keen to take on challenges and respond to the outcomes that arise. Prepared to take a risk? Pretty much so, plan my approach to challenges? Yes I do. Am I happy where I am currently? Not really as I am over achieving and being hampered by others who do not plan but affect my outcomes. Thanks again for this opportunity and have a great 2020,

It helps me recognize what skills I have in my toolkit, what are my key areas of improvement and also where my strength lies.

I found this useful as I learned things about myself that I didn’t realise before

Thank you for the feedback. Is this the end of the Bunnings hire process for me? The insights are based on what methodology? U seful? Depending on the circumstances, yes. regards, Anthony

Really interesting information .

It helps one to know more to about himself and also prepares you to be able to explain your personality when you are asked by anyone whose interested to know you.

i found this usefull and quite acurate. if this wasnt a human making this then your algorythm is amazing lol

I find this way of finding out the person you’re potentially hiring very helpful and enables potential employees to tell the employer about what type of person they are.

I found this useful because it is interesting to see a recruiters perspective on the answers I have given.

Thanks for the interview feedback, I will print this out and keep it, to learn from it.

This was helpful, helping me find a base to confidence and how to act in any situations, this prepared me in ways I didn't expect especially with the feedback I have received teaching me to be resilient and affirming the negatives and positives by accepting this as a guide it will help me be better now and in the future.

Because everything is true

Gives me feedback I can work on to help with my applications for employment instead of telling me I didn’t get the job and explaining what I can do to make myself a better applicant.

Thank you for this tip it helped me lots for future and I will consider to use for different applications in the coming years.

I have found this useful because it has told me that I am good at thing s but also has shown me what things I could improve on I really like the fact that you have taken the time to read my application and email me back that is very much appreciated so thank you for your feed back It has been very useful.

It was good to know that all the answers were honest by getting my personality right

Thank you for the advice. I find it very useful and will definitely take it into consideration. I do believe in self growth and I will happily take any experience as a chance to do that.

That is amazing. I am surprised at how close your questions gave you insight to my personality. I sometimes don't know what to say about myself. People that know me well would most likely say similar things.

Very useful because it helps me to understand where my strengths and weaknesses lie- additionally it was summarised and very clear.

Please can you also supply feedback on applicants I have submitted also ,

It was useful because it told me the things that I am good at, but it also told me the areas that I need to work on and become better

I’m happy I got this feedback on my application, it has given me more confidence for the near future

It’s great to get some feedback and the coaching tips are really helpful.

I found this extremely interesting and true, I will take this and endeavour to put this into practice, thankyou

My profile is exactly the same as my colleagues - word for word, but other assessments have shown that we have pretty different profiles. Parts of my profile contradict things which I have been told in other assessments

Taught me that’s its ok to put myself first before others , value my wellbeing and emotions so I can be the best for the next person 😊. Everything the feedback said about my personality is 100% I won’t even deny it. It’s amazing actually.

It gave me a good insight insight into how I am perceived . Which is quite different from what I thought I am like. It's really helpful for my future interactions at work.

I found this very insightful and very helpful.

The feed back is very informative and does sound like my character and some of tje feed back l have already implemeted in life and career and have seen progress

Gave me a better insight into who I can be and who I am.

I found this useful as I was able to reflect on myself and get another perspective on my areas of development.

Great Work

It has shown me how to improve myself

It is good to have good to have an idea of how others may see me, thanks for tips on how I could improve.

This confirmed what I already thought about myself. Which is great. I have found that my opinions tend to destabilise people and situations.

It tells a true story of who I am. Thank you for the feedback and appreciate the assessment.

I really appreciate this feedback and I do agree that I can talk over people when I am too excited about a concept or discussion. Also agree that I can get so deep in my work that I miss things going on around me at work at a personal level

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26 Sep 2019

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