Antonia Macrides

Marketing Director
Antonia Macrides

Antonia has 20 years of experience in Recruitment, Tech and Procurement. She founded the first boutique procurement recruitment firm in Australia, together with Actualizer (HR Talent platform), both of which were exited to Drake International. Vertical Talent continues to be Drake’s leading acquisition world-wide.

Antonia has worked extensively with the Australian HR Institute (AHRI) and the Canadian Human Resources Professional Association (HRPA) to design, develop and deliver platforms to analyse member skills for CPD, together with benchmarking knowledge for professional designations. In the past decade, she has led projects of this nature with solutions built for the Whole-of-Queensland Government, Whole-of-South Australian Government, Whole-of-Northern Territory Government, as well as a range of private sector organisations.

She co-created on behalf of the IFPSM representing 250,000 purchasing professionals worldwide. Antonia has trained over 3000 agency recruiters and is also a regular speaker at various Procurement and HR conferences. She has been awarded by the e-Learning association for the work she led to build the first video-based learning platform for Recruiters – Winner Best e-Learning System two years running.

Antonia holds a B. Psychology together with a Dip. Theology and Certificates in AI, Management, Social Science, Training & Assessment, she is also a Scuba Dive Master.


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