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This is actually lovely I will read this email back so many times because somehow from answering only six questions you’ve described me as a person I’m really impressed and inspired by this email thank you so much!

I have always been the organiser for works social do’s ApAnd in my personal life at Xmas and through out the year even organising savings plans for trips out such as bowling nights and days at the dog racing etc. I am the person that keeps everyone in touch. If you met me you would not consider me reserved and private, quite the opposite. I am very outgoin* and don’t have a problem striking up a conversation with anyone. I also have always had a job which involved last minute cover for holidays and sickness so I am not adverse to change at all, I fact it is the opposite, I thrive on it so I feel this was way off the mark but really interesting and really appreciate the feed back as it has helped me understand just how these studies can be so wrong in parts but so right in others. Thank you very much.

Thank you for the insights into my personality profile. The coaching tip is great and I will always try to improve on myself and build on my strengths so any feedback is welcome. Thank you Riley

Because it will give me better idea or direction where i can work more & progress myself further & achieve goal.

It is good to see a summary of my skills and to see how to develop further.

Knowing my strengths and abilities and knowledge at work

Everything about me that is said is true.i would love to have the opportunity to work with you as it's a local store from my house and I do like the store because I shop there.The food is great and the customer service is so great.

This was good to read as it gave me a good insight to myself

It's nice to get feed back thank you it help me a lot to proceed on with work

This was very useful as it made me feel more confident about myself and what I can do in the future .

Yes but not entirely me ,yes confident but I feel that my confidence helps people believe and trust in me which I believe is always a good thing for myself and who ever i come in contact with. But yes pretty close

I found it very interesting and insightful.

Found the coaching tips really helpful and will exercise those skills to prepare for future jobs

I found the tips useful on how to deal with a certain situation.

Some of it is true I am dedicated to working and I'm not afraid of change I can work alone or in a big group

Thank you for your response, yes I did find this useful. I need to practice using my voice and validate my opinions.

It is very useful to have a neutral view of myself

Thank you for feedback . I can relate to some of the insights and look forward to make improvements.

I found this insight very helpful and I appreciate it the reason being that this information was correct and on point in every way. I will continue to work on my personality tips 😉

This information was very interesting and it tells me allot about who I am as a person.

Very helpful

Insights were great

This is pretty much me. I have been in a management role most of my senior working years. I do like team environment. In saying that I am prepared to be guided into my next career chose.

basically getting positive feedback about one's self is the utmost great thing ever

Helps me learn more about myself by showing me my strongest traits and in what I need to improve.

Its easy to use,fast and easy to understand.

I feel like you really got to know me & the things you said were quite accurate which impresses me with your feedback. Thank you.

Helps me prepare

That's very interesting to hear, gives me something to think about moving forward.

I felt this very useful pointers were very helpful

I found this information useful,it is important to know that there are people who can notice your personality.I am so grateful that you say beautiful words about me thanks alot.

I am a great team player and generally am the person who is motivating for the team, but I agree that I try not to get too involved in other peoples personal things. I am very organised and methodical in my approach to work. Thanks for the survey results it has confirmed a lot of things for me.

Yes i agree with what your saying, im happy, the questions helped me remember situations i have been in and how i have responded, As we arent responsible of situations most of the time but we are responsible in how we react whether it be at work with team mates or customers or in our personal life, thankyou for this opportunity and your feedback.

Very helpful to read what an employer thinks

Thank you for your insights. I found the information helpful ... food for thought .

This is a good way of finding a about people's personality.

It looks like someone who knows me talked to you. Everything written there is right.

Oh wow this is amazing, never imagined you can learn so much about someone's personality through questions. But yes this definitely me. Thank you.

It is a good idea as it shows you your strengths and weakness

I feel the description you gave me was so accurate and the feedback was also very helpful

Fantastic insight with some truly inspirational advice. Definitely worthwhile with constructive suggestions about progress.and development Thank you For the help. Great feedback

Feifan Zhang

Software Engineer
Feifan Zhang

Feifan is a software engineer with a strong passion for learning new technologies.

With a keen interest in data science, Feifan has worked in all aspects of software development and data analysis, including Machine Learning. Feifan gets a kick out of using data to solve real-world problems, and has done so throughout his career across multiple industries.

Feifan initially studied the Internet of Things at Northeastern University in China, MA and graduated with distinction in his Masters in Software Engineering at the University of Melbourne.


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