LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

Thank you. It was interesting to find out more about my personality. I will keep this for future reference. I do need to take time out for myself at times and not absorb everybody's needs.

It was very helpful because it gave me a idea of how to improve my self, the qualities I have and the one I should gain etc...

Very interesting to listen to someone’s opinion of me

I felt it was spot on with my personality 😃

It's good to hear a different perspective from how you see yourself! I must say it hit spot on and made me aware of areas I need to fix. Much appreciated

I feel more confident in what I am doing and who I become

It was interesting and useful as it’s dissection of my answers into deeper behaviours was quite enlightening and also quite accurate.

Very reassuring and cared about me individually

It’s always good to get feedback from companies with an understanding of how they work

Yes, I found this very useful. It s great to listen and give others their space. Ease Is also a thing that people need. Very constructive couching tips. Loved them

It helped me better understand myself.

I was shocked to see just how true some of things was about me, although I must say I didnt agree with all

It was nice to know what I am like from another point of view and found it really constructive and helpful to work on my pros and cons.

I think the Personality results were fairly spot on. Thank you.

The insight into myself was pretty spot on. I am confident in my abilities and will assert myself when I need too, but I have learned that judgment is required so as not to undermine others, or cause others to resent you. In life we need to know when to be diplomatic to achieve what we need. You get more out of people who like and respect you. I found this is done by respecting and being friendly toward others.

My opinion counts no matter what. Thanks or that

Always useful to find out how others see you

I found this very useful as I’m able to see where I can improve as a person in future situations so I am very grateful. Thank you.

I found this extremely useful and accurate. The feedback provided was useful as it taught me what I am capable of.

its incredibly accurate from my point of view, and supplied useful tips on how to overcome my personal shortcomings

I like to find different ways to improve myself and my personality. Thank you. What qualifications would I need to work at MyInsight? Sounds like something I would like to do.

I found this very useful, It made me reflect on myself and really got to know some of the other side of myself which I never realised I had in me. Thank you

I feel that one of my insights isn't as accurate into my personality. It sounds as though it makes me less desirable for a job.

That mail was informative to make my personality better

Wow. I didn't realise this could be so spot on this interview

During my work experience and reflection point of view is what I had gained and learned is that every individual employee and management should have a good mutual relationship with the customers to build a mutual trust, respect, mindfulness, welcoming diversity and honest communication.

I feel like it described my personality very well thank you for your feedback it’s greatly appreciated

Ive always wanted to work in a shop since ive been a child! , i may not have worked before but ive got proffesionals who can give you a good word for me!

I think the information provided gives me an opportunity to expand on my skills and understand a little more how the may help or in some instances hinder others so being mindful of that is very important

This was very helpful and I appreciate the time and effort put into this I found this helpful because it showed me things that I didn’t know about my personality. Things I can work on and all the positive things about my attitude

Will help me prepare for my interview

I found this useful in being able to identify in words how I feel in certain situations. Gives me the confidence that speaking up and sharing ideas should not be feared because we are always learning. Thank you

Currently studying for a Customer Service qualification helps to know what I need to improve

It really shows another insight into my own emotions and actions. It also gives a clear idea of how I would be able to function in a working environment

I did find this very useful and helped me looked at things differently I would say about 75 percent accurate

It has given me the opportunity to try an alternative interview method. It has made me reflect on past experiences. The overall summaries for each question were very positive and the suggestions at the end were valid.


I really appreciate for the feedback you gave me. I am really open to feedbacks and i always take it in a positive way to improve myself. I could see how others felt about me. And yes i will workout on some of the things where i was less inclined such as trust building.

I found it useful because it let me know about my strengths and weaknesses and gave me things to work on which I really appreciate, thank you.

Thank you. Great feedback mostly on point. I found the coaching tips particularly insightful and something I totally agree is worth addressing. Great strategies to improve positive thinking and approach in New situations. Thanks so much appreciate the feedback. I definitely plan to.put your coaching tips into.action

Thanks for tip and yes I understand

Nobody has ever taken the time to give me feedback like that and i really appreciate it

I believe that the description of me was really accurate and i appriciate the coatching tip it will help me in the future.

I found this really positive to get some feedback. Well done!

Not much! Thanks for the tips but.. I’am not like you try to describe me! Sorry! I’m honest!

Jack Rong

Software Engineer
Jack Rong

Jack is a Full Stack Engineer. Throughout his career, Jack has focussed mainly on front end development. However, he has a passion for working across the full technology stack.  Jack is super excited to be a part of PredictiveHire given the cutting technology with which PredictiveHire works. Jack brings a desire to innovate and to do things differently. He has a real focus on customer and user.  Jack studied Information Technology at Deakin University in Melbourne and since graduating has been working on some exciting projects in Melbourne. He also holds a Masters in Finance. 


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