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As I was a senior manager when on management meetings I was very vocal in relaying issues that were quite challenging , however as the group I work for had no compromise one would work to achieve in a round about way without crossing the line , add this to I did actually work in one of the most corrupt countries to maintain Corporate standards one had to be very diplomatic , I may have tone down the questionnaire to suit what I believed was the position requirement. You where correct that I do enjoy social contact assisting people client and team members alike. You are correct that I do like to please and perform to the best of my ability and I do enjoy learning everyday

Thank you for your feedback Appreciate the insights about myself Grateful for coaching tips will help to achieve my goals Regards Silvana

These tips are very useful and I will be applying them to my job.

I found this very helpful and very accurate!!

This seems a perfect match to me quite uncanny but very useful for further interviews

It helps me in General life more than in professional . Really thanks for offering me Mirror check for me and I would certainly do takes to improve myself.Appriciate Guys

This was refreshing to read through after submitting my application, and scarily accurate! I’ve never seen a company who cares so much about their applicants, employees and customers!

It is a true reflection of me, put in words I wouldn't have been able to use myself.

I found it useful for many reasons, first in a recruitment process I've never come across anything this before and having see this and then get insights was a great feeling, I also felt it was useful because in many ways it wasn't wrong and I saw where it was drawing from on what it said about myself. With the actions on reflection it really helped me think about things and also was great to receive something like this as it's very unique and interesting. Thank You!

I found the insights to be interesting and very accurate in most cases. It is always useful to stop and think about what makes you tick, I think it can help you learn more about yourself and how to make better judgements in certain situations.

It's useful and true. It is beneficial to understand how I am seen as we don't often analyse ourselves.

This information told me what i knew already and expanded on it in deepth and how others may see me which is always nice to see.

Thank you you, it's very true, and they come to me as a confirmation of what I already feel about myself

Pretty much everything that was predicted about my personality resonates with me. Thank you . I know that I can take that on board and use towards my own learning experiences.

you really do know what i'm lacking and i'm so happy that you're able to give me some help how to overcome this

It was interesting to read my personality profile. I could agree with most things.

It is intresting to know more about my strengths and passion

This has actually made me feel so good about myself and a massive confidence boost.

Helps to show where I am at

I am impressed; this is a remarkably accurate and insightful representation of me. It has given me some great speaking points for future interview questions as well. Thank you so much.

It is very useful feedback for me as I get to know how other people think of me.And it really says exactly how I am.It also motivates me to continue doing better and strive fo more excellence.

this gave me a greater insight into my personality and how this works within the workplace and how this affects my coworkers but also the way in which i do my job

spot on!!! so good, thanks for the feedback :)

It made me see what others thought an made me aware of of my strengths an areas for growth

This is very useful, most of the things mentioned above is me. I tend to consider other people's opinions and feelings more than my own. Thank you for outlining those.

Thank you, I found the information very interesting

Most of sayings were correct and predicted well. Even though, I would like to share that some of them cannot be related to myself.

Iceland has come across as a great place to work

I feel like it's a good way for Iceland to get to know if your personalty is right for the role you apply for

The feedback hilight my strenghths &areas i can improve on. I found it verry useful.

I don't normally agree with these personality tests. But on this occasion I'd say you've got me just about spot on.

Thank you. This is the first time an organisation has actively shared results with me, and provided constructive feedback, to which I will take on board. Regardless whether I progress to the next stage of the recruitment process it’s great to to see transparency in provision of 360 degree feedback.

I found this useful because it made things I thought I could of been, something I'm certain that I am now

It was good just with little mistakes.

I think this was a great way to give someone confidence and help give you an insight into your own strengths, It's very unique and i appreciate the feedback. Thank you.

I found this quite helpful and I agree with it but what I know is I can work on a few things which is alright since having weaknesses is apart of being human.

I consider it's important the management to reflect and know every individual employee and everyone matters in the team.

This feedback will make me easier to understand what I need what I have to do, with this information I could easily improve my self.

This feedback was spot on. It has encouraged some self reflection.

This is actually lovely I will read this email back so many times because somehow from answering only six questions you’ve described me as a person I’m really impressed and inspired by this email thank you so much!

Jessica Burns

Sales and Success
Jessica Burns

Jess has over 15 years of recruitment experience, mostly spent working within Australia’s tech and digital communities. As a career recruiter, she gets it, she knows what it’s like to be confronted with piles of applicants and no data-driven means to decide who is best. Jess is now passionate about working with business to find better, more innovative and candidate friendly ways to recruit. Jess is also very passionate about access and equality and feels we should have access to the same opportunities, and this is really what PredictiveHire is about.

Jess holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Psychology and has also completed training in Service Design and Design Thinking. Outside of work, Jess is a mum to 3 extremely active boys and is also a volunteer firefighter and volunteer dog trainer.


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